95 Pulao Recipes Perfect For Lunch Or Dinner

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Pulao or Pilafs are the wholesome dishes that combines energy-rich rice with vegetables, pulses, dried fruits, meat, or seafood. Pulao is a famous and most common inclusion in many cuisines of Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean etc. Various types of this one-pot meal are included in literary works of 10th century. Ancient Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana also have mentions of pulao.

There are different methods followed to cook rice and the variety of pulao or pilaf differs as much also. While Afghan cuisine includes pulao in a broth like sauce, one of the Iranian ways of cooking pilaf includes boiling rice with meat or vegetables till all the water is absorbed, a French recipe of pilaf needs rice to be lightly fried and seasoned. Some pulao recipes come with added aroma and colors or sweet wherein the most common way of making pulao includes flavoring with spices and including sautéed or fried vegetables and meat.

Take a look at our collection of Pulao Recipes and taste each of them at the comfort of your home. Serve them along with Kadhi or Dal for a wholesome lunch or dinner.