8 Amazing Benefits of Zucchini with 20 Delicious Recipes You Can Make

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Zucchini also called courgette belongs to the family of cucumbers and gourds. Few popular varieties include yellow, oval, striped and rounder ones. This squash originated in the Americas and cultivated in Italy first.

Zucchinis with the yellowish flower attached are believed to be the juiciest. Select firm, bright and smooth zucchinis about 8 inches in length, since the larger ones tend to be fibrous. This versatile vegetable can be trimmed on neck and base to be eaten raw, or be boiled, steamed, baked, stuffed, fried, barbequed, or be grilled to be included in various recipes. Though this vegetable is available year-round, the best tasting zucchinis come to harvest during late spring and summers. Zucchini flower is also edible after the pistils of female flower and stamen of the male flower are removed.

Like other squashes and cucumbers, Zucchini has a sizeable nutritional value to benefit health. Here is a quick note on its benefits.

  1. Zucchini is one of the extremely low-calorie vegetables with just 17-kilo calories per 100 grams. It essentially means that zucchini is better than low-calorie veggies like peppers, cabbage, and beats many leafy greens too.
  2. Absolutely contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. Hence often recommended in weight loss programmes and cholesterol reduction.
  3. Zucchini peel has dietary fibres to easy digestion and relieves constipation. Studies have shown that it can moderately fight against colon cancers as well.
  4. High in antioxidants to keep you looking fresher and believed to delay ageing (particularly the antioxidants in yellow zucchini) and fights common diseases.
  5. Moderate folate amounts in the vegetable have shown to prevent neural tube defects in the foetus when consumed adequately during pregnancy.
  6. Friendly Potassium levels reduce blood pressure by countering the blood sodium levels.
  7. Fresh zucchini has a high vitamin A and vitamin C. 30% of daily requirement of vitamin C can be achieved by consuming 100 grams of fresh fruit of zucchini.
  8. Zucchini also has moderate levels of B complex, iron, manganese, phosphorus and zinc, which are helpful for normal functioning of our body.

Explore our zucchini recipes to know how best it can suit your palate. You can include it in your weekly diet to reap the benefits that it promises. Include it pasta, pizza, muffins, use them to prepare crisps and various fries, pancakes, Indianise zucchini with chutneys, patties, pilaf or simply include them in your salad; the choice is yours!