20 Delectable Pizza Recipes For Your House Parties. Guaranteed to leave your guests impressed!

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No one can say no to a pizza because it is everyone’s favourite. Right? Well, this Italian export has endless options, from different types of crusts to endless toppings to choose from. The taste of this dish is just incredible, as it is made with the delectable combination of dough, sauce, herbs and cheese. Nobody can resist it after smelling the aroma of a fresh pizza and the molten cheese on it.

Pizza is one of those dishes which is part of every house party. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or cricket match night, pizza is a must with a mug of beer. Because there’s no party like a pizza party! From vegetarian to non vegetarian, that is a lot that you can make. And the best part is you can customise your pizza topping according to your taste and choice.

In addition to the above, we can also make fusion pizzas where we can include a twist with the topping from different cuisines too. From Indian pizzas, Thai pizzas to Mexican pizzas, we can make many new versions of the same and enjoy an international taste on a beautiful crust! 

We have lined up a few pizza recipes that you can easily make in your kitchen for your house parties. Do try them, share them and enjoy cooking them! 

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