48 Healthy And Tasty Corn Recipes To Try At Your Home

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Corn which is originated from Mexico is a healthy and vital vegetable which we have been using in different forms in our day to day life. In India, we call it Makki, Bhutta and the name changes as it moves in the different direction. It is a vegetable and is also considered to be a grain. The kernels of the corn are of different colours like white, red and violet.

Corn provides a good amount of calories to keep you healthy and the fibre content in it is also high. In addition corn has a rich source of Vitamin A, B, E and a whole lot of minerals too. It is a good source of antioxidant that helps to improve the immunity of the body and prevents our eyes and skin from stress. Apart from the above, corn is a natural gluten free product available to us and we can normally combine it with other ingredients and make delicious recipes to incorporate it in our diet.

Find out interesting recipes of corn here, try them at your home and serve the to your family.