3 Course Weekend Meal - Sri Lankan Delicacy

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Sri Lanka is a land of mythology, history and colonisation. Rule by native kingdoms was taken over by Portuguese, Dutch and the British colonisations leaving the native cuisine influenced by and fused with the culinary cultures of foreign rule. One can find Sri Lankan cuisine slightly similar to Indian cuisine; Tamil cuisine in particular, but there is significant Sri Lankan spin with loaded spices. Sri Lankan cuisine uses many ingredients which are not natively grown, owing to its age-old historical trade.

The authentic Sri Lankan meal consists of steamed/ boiled rice (often red rice) and curry with many short eats like hot sauce or fried chickpeas. Treat your crowd at home with these exquisite recipes from Sri Lankan cuisine this weekend. Choose from the array of recipes to make a satisfying 3-course Sri Lankan menu. Savour the exotic delicacies of Sri Lanka at the comfort of your home to leave your family appeased with outlandish food.


Appetizers are meant to oomph the hunger through their sharp taste and these recipes unerringly fulfil their expectation. The green chillies, finely chopped ginger, and freshly grated coconut brings out the delicious flavours in Chickpea Sundal Recipe to be a fine appetizer. Spicy Mushroom 65 Recipe is one of the most popular dishes that one would find in a Sri Lankan restaurant. Made from a variety of lentils and spiced with green chillies, asafoetida, curry leaves and coriander makes Aama Vadai or the Masala Vadai absolutely delectable appetiser to mark it a crowd pleaser. Vegetable Bajjis are fried gram flour vegetable fritter where the raw vegetables dipped in a spiced gram flour batter and deep fried until golden brown.

Main Course

Sri Lankan main course does contain various forms of rice; either steamed, or boiled, or spiced with or without vegetables and non-vegetarian ingredients. Indian breads like naans are also popular in Sri Lanka.Sri Lankan Egg Curry belongs to authentic Sri Lankan cuisine which is a result of colonial influence on trade and culture. This recipe uses Sri Lankan curry powder. The Eggplant Curry is just what you need for a cold, snowy day – it warms you up with all the spices and the richness. Idiyappam with Coconut Milk, also known as string hoppers is made with rice flour and coconut. They are formed as noodles and then steamed to make the Idiyappams. The Idichakka Thoran Recipe is a super healthy and high in fibre vegetable which is made from unripe jackfruit pulp. This Srilankan Chicken Curry has a lot of influence from South Indian curry with its own twist and flavour of Srilanka. The Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha is a classic Layered Flatbread that is most often made with maida (all-purpose flour). Try it with whole wheat flour for a healthier version.


End your meal with one of more of these desserts that fit fine with the Sri Lankan menu.Creme Caramel Flan Recipe is the sweet caramel Custard that combines milk, sugar, castor sugar and eggs, that goes very well with the Sri Lankan main course dishes. The Coconut Tapioca Pudding simmered in milk and sugar with a decoction of lemon grass and ginger topped with a spicy strawberry sauce is an absolute delicacy. Kerala Style Christmas Plum Cake Recipe is a boozy, dark, intense cake that is famous in Sri Lanka that is prepared by soaking nuts and dry fruits in the liquor of choice.