101 Delicious & Healthy Salad Recipes That Are Easy To Make

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Salads are a willing inclusion within any menu of the meals filled with spices. Salads help in toning down the spiciness and pungency of the food that we take in as appetizers and part of main course recipes. Many salads include vegetables, fruits, sprouts and some also include ingredients like pre-cooked pasta or noodles. With different kinds of dressings from vinaigrette to simple sesame dressing and orange dressing, the salads also mildly titillate our taste buds and make us love the part of the meal that lies ahead when had with the spicy bites. Salads are also looked forward as one meal during dinner time for people on a strict diet, any special requirement and weight reduction programs.

Let us have a look at what a vast collection of salads can be made to fan your thirst for water between any spicy meals, or just as a wholesome filling salad instead of fried snacks during evenings. These salads vary in ingredients, dressings and some are regional enough to be recognized distinctly for their combining flavors. Suit yourself to choose from the immense collection below and go through the recipes to choose the perfect salad for every get-together. Cheers!

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