Make a Sumptuous Sunday lunch with 3-Course Mughlai Menu

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Mughlai cuisine dates back to medieval India. The Mughal dynasty that ruled the country during medieval period brought their Central Asian cuisine along. Till today, the Mughlai cuisine is adopted and popular in Northern part of India including Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Cuisine of Avadhi/Lucknow is also influenced from Mughal rasoi. The welcome aroma of whole roast and ground spices is infused into the Mughlai cuisine recipes to make a variety of dishes that differ with spice levels. Dishes from this cuisine include Kebabs, kofta, pulaos and Biryanis. 

How about pampering your taste buds with a Shahi Mughlai treat this weekend? Feel the royal taste from this extensive 3-course menu, imagine the Mughal architecture, and picture your family and yourself as the invitees of the prestigious Mughal darbar. You can definitely add antique Mughal styled long curtains, drinking water in long-necked pitchers, arrange your dining hall with beds on the floor (Diwans) and cushions just to bring in the Mughal darbari mood. Low Arabic music will up your appetite too. Al'ukul saeid!! (Happy eating)


Mughlai cuisine predominates with different kinds of kebabs, tikkas and shorba. The Vegetarian Shami Kebab Recipe is also popularly known as the Chane Ke Kebab is packed with proteins from the chickpeas and flavored with fennel and chaat masala. The Tandoori Gobi Tikka is a super simple and yet super delicious variation of the Paneer Tikka’s. The addition of hung curd, along with spices like ajwain, chaat masala and kasuri methi, bring out fantastic flavors of the Tandoori Gobi Tikka. he Arbi Ka Kebab is a pan-fried vegetarian appetizer with freshly chopped cabbage, onions, almonds, and peppercorns. The Makhmali Rajma Kebab are soft and spicy kebabs made with soft boiled red kidney beans that melt in your mouth. Tandoori Potatoes is a wonderful starter for a party or snack for any occasion and can be had as an accompaniment to any meal. Gola Kebab is made from mutton (lamb meat) that can be relished as a side dish with a vegetarian meal.

Main Course

Navratan Korma, refers to ‘nine gems’ which could be the combination of either 9 vegetables or a mixed combo of dry fruits and vegetables. In North India, Biryani is traditionally associated with the Mughlai cuisine of Delhi and in South India, it is traditionally associated with the Hyderabadi cuisine. The Layered Tricolor Biryani recipe is a combination of colours of the made with natural vegetable ingredients. Mushroom Pasanda is delicious creamy Mughlai gravy made with button mushroom, spices, saffron and cream. Mughlai Aloo Matar Gobi as the name suggests is a typical Indian side dish higher on a spicy side with the flavours of Ghee, Curd and fried onion. Mughlai Bhindi Recipe (Spicy Okra Curry) is the vegetarian version of the rich and diverse Mughlai cuisine.


Meethe Chawal Recipe (Zarda Pulao) combines the warmth of whole spice combined with rice flavours of saffron and cardamom. The Kesar Shahi Tukda With Rabdi is a delicious Indian Bread Pudding that is flavoured with saffron and topped with a spiced milk pudding called Rabdi. Mukhwas Kulfi is an Indian version of ice cream where milk is thickened and nuts are added to it and set in kulfi moulds. Mango Falooda is a pudding that is made in layers with various flavours and textures is absolutely delectable to the palate. Sheer Khurma Recipe is a delicious dessert dish traditionally made during the festival of Id. The Dry Fruit Barfi is a delicious quick sweet made from figs, dates, pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts.