50 Ramadan Recipes That You Can Make | Iftar Recipes

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Ramadan, also known as Ramzan or Ramadan is the festival of Muslims which is celebrated by them during the ninth month of their Islamic Calendar. During the festival, observers of Islam all around the world do fasting and break their fast after the sunset with some lip smacking delicacies. From Dawn to sunset, Muslims refrain from consuming food and drinking any kind of liquid. Meals are served before sunrise which is called as Suhoor and after Sunset it's called as Iftar. Everybody in the family or in the local community gathers and break their fast together.

Suhoor should be comparatively hearty and healthy than Iftaar, as it provide energy to keep fasting the entire day and it ends when the sun rises or the morning prayer begins. When the sun sets, the followers begin their prayer ‘maghrib’ and then they break their fast with Iftaar. Muslims can eat and drink the entire night until the next day’s morning prayer. During this festival, Muslims prepare some delicious food everyday to break their fast and usually break their fast by eating dates and milk before the food. They celebrate the last day of the Ramzan month, as the festival of fast breaking which is called as Eid Al-Fitr.

We have lined up a few appetising, mouth watering and full of flavour recipes which you can cook during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Appetizer Recipes

Ramadan Main Course Recipes

Ramadan Dessert Recipes