The Kuthiraivali Upma Kozhukattai Recipe is a twist to the traditional Kozhukattai recipe and is a healthy lunch box that you can put together with a little planning. You could make the upma the previous night and steam in the morning to give it that added freshness and softness. Pack the Kuthiraivali Upma Kozhukattai along with either a chutney or Idli Milagai Podi and along with curd rice or a bowl of yogurt.

Plan Your Weekly Breakfast, Lunchbox and Dinners with these recipes & ideas. You can use these ideas and recipes to help you pack your kids lunch boxes and plan for them. Planning does need prior preparation and when you have a menu laid out in front of you, then putting it together just becomes a breeze.

Eating healthy meals is very important and we never forget that you are waiting for our meal plan to decide on what to make every day for three meals of the day. Therefore, we here at Archana’s kitchen bring you a new delicious road map to a week of easy, no-repeat meals which will make your life easier. Here we have included recipes from different cuisines which will help you to taste flavour of all the cuisines. Also, Saturday dinner special is Italian which has delicious Pasta in creamy sauce and Bruschetta. So what are you waiting for? Shop ingredients for this week and get started.

Shop your groceries and stock them for the week and use these ideas and recipes which will help you in cooking every day. Happy cooking!

The Apple Vanilla Whole Wheat Pancakes is a super easy and wholesome kids snack box idea. It packed with the goodness of whole wheat and apples making it delicious. Pack the pancakes smeared with nutella or pack honey in a small box and ask the kids to pour it over their pancakes. 

Get Lunchbox Recipes & Ideas for School Kids. Use these ideas and recipes to help you pack your kids lunch boxes, plan for them. Planning lunch box does need prior preparation and when you have a menu laid out in front of you, then putting it together just becomes a breeze.

Kids School Lunchbox Ideas - Healthy Penne Pasta with Creamy Pumpkin sauce makes great saucy and creamy lunch box for children and even adults. I have used a Durum Wheat Pasta and the addition of the creamy pumpkin sauce adds to the nutrition for their lunches. The addition of stir fried broccoli in the pasta, gives them the added nutrients and fiber needed for their growth and development. 

The Dal Makhani & Paratha combo is a favorite with the kids and they simply love to dip the parathas into the creamy dal. I most often also pack the box with some plain yogurt or curd rice to make the meal complete and making their lunch box filling and nutritious. I most often make the dal the previous evening and the dough for the paratha is also kept ready. In the morning, I just pack in the dal and make the paratha fresh to pack into the lunch box.

School Lunch Box Ideas and Recipes: The Pav Bhaji is one a great dosh when cooked right, has all the goodness of vegetables and the pav buns add to the carbohydrates giving the required energy to sit through the classes and the day. I like to pack such dishes along with some comfort food like curd rice as this helps them to digest the pav bhaji and gives them the yogurt protein as well. 

Note: When making the Pav Bhaji for children, I make is less spicy, so that children are able to have it with ease at school. Pack small portions so children don't get overwhelmed with a lot of food.

Kids School Lunch Box Ideas: Conchiglie Al Forno with Carrots and Basil recipe is made from a shell type pasta that is smaller that its larger shell counterparts. This creamy sauce along with cheese is tossed along with carrots and basil giving it delicious taste and a creamy texture. This pasta stays perfect until lunch giving the children the carbs, proteins and vitamins through the pasta, cheese and vegetables.

School LunchBox Ideas & Recipes: Granola Bars, and Thepla’s are a perfect combinations. I typically smear the thepla with a sweet lime pickle for the lunch box. The whole grains from the thepla provides carbs and the Granola Bars with peanut butter and dates provide all the protein, iron, carbs and energy making the children stay alert for their school session

You can make the thepla dough ahead of time the previous day. This way making a couple of fresh thepla’s in the morning becomes a breeze. I typically make a batch of No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars so it stays fresh for a couple of weeks and can be packed for the lunch box in a jiffy.

School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: The Multigrain Waffles recipe is a delicious recipe of waffles that is made from finger millet flour, oat flour and whole wheat flour. The goodness of all the grains when made into a waffles is simply delicious.

When I packed this for my kids lunch box, then came back saying that "Mom the whole class was sitting on top of my table trying to get a bite of my waffles, they simply loved it". As a mother, I felt so happy to hear that and that it made my kids happy to share their lunch box too :)

School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: Chola Masala and Puri/ Paratha combination for a lunch box is special for children and adults as well. Since the mornings are super hectic with getting the children ready, I most often make the Chola masala ready the previous day. Making the Paratha or Puri fresh in the morning is simple and quick if the masala is ready.  Pack this lunch box along with some freshly cut fruits or carrots and cucumber and a bowl of yogurt to make a complete and satisfying meal.

Things you can keep ready for the morning lunch box

Knead the dough for the Puri or Tawa Paratha and the cook the chola the previous day. This will help ease the mornings for the lunch box cooking and packing

School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: Beetroot Paratha Recipe is made from whole wheat flour dough stuffed with grated beets that is sauteed until tender. Making the Beetroot Paratha came out just like that like a spart to my mind to see other ways to consume beets and the parathas and the combination worked out great. This thought process is in my constant endeavour to make school lunch boxes fun and exciting for the kids.

LUNCH BOX PACKING TIP: I smear the parathas with sweet lime pickle and also pack some curd rice or plain yogurt in another box. The yogurt helps to satisfy the dryness from the parathas, as well as helps in digestion.

School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: Pasta with tomato basil sauce is a lunch box saver recipe. The kids love this recipe because of its simple flavours and with a creamy pasta. The addition of vegetables like broccoli adds to the nutrition to the kids lunch box

Kids School Lunchbox Ideas:Cabbage Rice recipe is like a vegetable fried rice that makes it perfect for travel and lunch boxes. The vegetables like cabbage when sauteed along with spices brings out the flavor and texture to the cooked rice. The cabbage rice also tastes good when it gets to a normal temperature. I typically pack the rice along with a bowl of yogurt and curd rice along with it. You can optionally pack the rice with some chips or papad to make it more exciting for the kids to eat their lunches.

School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: Egg Rolls are a perfect Lunch Box for the kids. With a little advance preparation, your mornings for packing lunches can become a breeze. I keep the sauces in a separate box and also avoid the chillies for their lunch. The kids dip the rolls in the sauce and love them for school. Its easy to hold on to, as well.

Tips for Packing:  Allow the rolls to cool a bit before packing it. You could roll it in butter paper or pack it tight next to each other for the lunch box. You can again optionally pack it along with fruits and nuts or granola bars to add some excitement to the lunch box. 

School Lunch Box Ideas & Recipes:  Rajma Chawal is one great lunch box dish that stays and tastes well even when cold. I usually pack it along with yogurt or with steamed vegetables or sliced raw carrots and children simply love it. Due to its high protein and carb content, the Rajma Chawal keeps the children full and nourished with energy and nutrition throughout the day.

Things you can keep ready for the morning lunch box

Cook the rice and Rajma the previous day, so on the day of packing the lunchbox, making the Rajma Masala can be done in a jiffy.

School Lunch Box Ideas & Recipes: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip pancakes with maple syrup or honey makes a delicious kids school snack box. The addition of whole wheat adds to the grain and the eggs or the yogurt adds to the protein. Drizzling the whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes with honey or maple syrup or even spreading nutella helps in provide the adequate energy from the sugars and carbohydrates.

School Lunch Box Recipes & Ideas: A quick cauliflower (Gobi) vegetable for a lunch box can be make as quickly as 15 minutes if you have all ingredients ready the previous day. It stays well through the day and children simply love this non-messy combination for their lunch boxes. Pack this lunch box with Tawa Paratha and a glass of buttermilk for lunch. You could also pack some fruits to make the meal refreshing.

School Lunch Box Ideas and Recipes: Carrot Uthappam with Apples are nutritious and filling for the kids school snack box. The lunch box provides wholesome nutrients from the carrot used using regular Dosa Batter. The addition of fruits like an apple into the lunch box gives the required energy from the sugars making the kids feel alert during the day.

School Lunchbox Ideas & Recipes: Walnuts or Almonds, Cheese Cubes, Chocolate Chip Cookies  & a fruit like Pomegranate are a perfect friday snack box treat for the kids. Packed with healthy vitamins, minerals and calcium, the combination of this kids lunch box ensures that your child eats something healthy which is also delicious and filling.

Back To School Snack Box Ideas: Chickpea Sundal is a healthy and delicious recipe, made from Chana which is more often called Kabuli Chana. It is amazing to see how interesting children find it, picking up the chana one by one and relishing it for their school snack box. Combining it with a fruit, makes the child feel more refreshed with the sugars from the fruit, giving them that added energy.

School Lunchbox Ideas & Recipes: Walnuts or Almonds, Cheese Cubes, Chocolate Chip Cookies  & a fruit like Carrot are a perfect friday snack box treat for the kids. Packed with healthy vitamins, minerals and calcium, the combination of this kids lunch box ensures that your child eats something healthy which is also delicious and filling.

It is so refreshing to have a bite of Pomegranate, along with a bite of cheese and a little crunch from the nuts like badam or walnuts. I can already sense a mini taste of a dessert and children love this type of meditative eating. Here is a kids lunch box for children for their mid morning snack. As your child grows older, you can add half a sandwich into it to make a lunch box that is more filling.

School Lunch Box Ideas & Recipe: Crunchy Peanut Butter and Jelly popularly known as the PB&J are simply delicious and every child loves it. Do watch out if your child has allergies, you could add or make almond butter to the sandwich. You could also add bananas to make it more nutritious.

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