Plan Your Lunch Box Meal Spirulina Basil Pesto Pasta, Fresh Salad and More

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Looking for a Continental menu for your Lunch box, here at Archana's Kitchen we have come up with some exotic and lip smacking meal which will lift up your mood when you open to see your lunch box.Planning a Lunch box meal everyday is a hard task for people who got to work and as well as for homemakers who run out of ideas on what to pack healthy and a delicious meal for their kids.So do not worry we have come up with a Healthy Lunch Box Plan that will be delicious to taste.

In the lunch box we have added Spirulina Basil Mint Pesto Pasta and Fresh Vegetable Salad with Sour Yogurt Dressing. All of these can be made in a few minutes time. The meal makes it so wholesome and comforting to relish. Its not just tasty but healthy too. Adding Spirulina to your everyday meal will up your protein content as it is considered one of the nutritional ingredient on earth. Fresh vegetables salad are even more nutritional as there no medium of cooking involved so therefore the vitamins and minerals remain intact and is consumed as it is.You can also add in some fruits into your lunch box package to make it refreshing and light.