Plan Simple Lunch Box with Beetroot Poriyal and Channa Turai with Roti

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Keep your lunch Box simple and yet healthy with the recipes that we have created and put together for this week's Lunch box meal.Sometimes Packing a lunch box in the morning might get boring and tedious to keep working on the Lunch box meal. So do not worry at Archana's Kitchen we have come up with a creation of a Healthy Lunch Box Plan that will be exciting to try as well delicious to taste. The dishes that we have chosen are simple and quick to be made in the morning hassle that will happen everyday. So therefore this will make you patiently plan your meal.

This week lunch box meal consists of Beetroot Poriyal Recipe (Stir Fried Beetroot)which is rich in vitamins and micro nutrients. The beets are ancient and prehistoric root vegetable, by eating them it will boost your energy level and increases your blood pressure. One more subzi that we have incorporated is Chana Turai/Nenua Chana Sabzi Recipe (Ridge Gourd with Black Chana) which is again very good to be part of your diet as it contains proteins from the chickpeas and good amount of dietary fiber from the ridge gourd. The entire meal is also a diabetic friendly as it has good amount of ingredients necessary to be a part of Diabetic friendly diet. These two subzis can be had with Phulka or Tawa parathas. The additional vegetable that we have added is sliced cucumber.