6 Gratifying Enchilada Recipes That You Will Love

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Mexican main course dish of Corn flour tortillas wrapped on meat, assorted mashed or sauted veggies arranged one after the other in a bone china lasagna pan is so welcoming when you want to have a Mexican inspired weekend dinner. The enchiladas are often smothered with chilli pepper sauce or custom made sauce to fit the delicious filling within. This enchilada is usually incomplete without the grated melt-in-the-mouth lavish cheese on top. There are sweet version of enchiladas that are also made with fruits as filling, as in Apple Enchilada Recipe, which makes for a fine dessert.

When you serve an enchilada roll along with the sauce in which it is smothered and cheesy top, you take a bite and feel the rush of flavours filling your tastebuds with a whole new experience! The feeling of the bursting flavours when you have a mouthful of enchilada is such a pleasure! So, what are you waiting for? Choose from these 6 delicious enchiladas and try them out at home when you have all your family members waiting to dine together. Have an awesome dining time together and you can make the meal complete with your choice of appetizer and dessert.