7 Tangy Raw Mango Pickles To Make This Summer

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It is Summer and the markets are flooded with mangoes of all kinds, and it is not an unusual sight to find your local vendors selling these yellow and green beauties. Thought the ripe, juicy, sweet mangoes taste divine, there is something outstandingly tasty about the unripe, tangy green mangoes as well. They add a delicious twist to almost every recipe they are added to. 

Pickles are an important part of Indian meals enhancing the taste of dishes. They add a little spice quotient and pair well with parathas, rotis and even rice if you'd like. They are easy to make, and can be preserved for a good amount of time. 

Since it is the season of the King of Fruits, why not take full advantage of this and prepare some lip smacking pickles with raw mangoes. Every region of India has its own variations when it comes to food, so make a choice amongst Gujarati style, Tamil Nadu style et al and see what works best for you. 

Here are a few raw mango pickle recipes that you can try!