5 Goan Meal Ideas For Your Everyday Lunch/Dinner

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Every Indian cuisine is known for its taste and flavour because of local spices and style of cooking. Eating a particular cuisine everyday can be boring sometimes, so why not try dishes from different regions and surprise your friends and family with something different.

Goan Cuisine, is one of those cuisines which is filled with the goodness of local flavourful spices with a hint of coconut. The unique flavour and the aroma of these dishes itself is enough to make a person hungry. From gravies, dry dishes to bhakris, each and every recipe has a unique taste to it. These Goan gravies are usually served with steamed rice for their everyday meals.

So you don't have to wait to try this mouth watering and delicious recipes till you go Goa! Make them at home, as they are easy and requires day to day ingredients only. We have some easy Goan meals for you that you can make for your lunch or dinner and treat your family with these Goan delicacies.