10 Delicious Chickpea Curry Recipes To Eat For Lunch/Dinner

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Deciding on our everyday meal becomes difficult sometimes when we also have to fulfil the daily intake of necessary nutrients. And one of such important nutrients is protein that is necessary for our body. We are always in dilemma about what to cook for lunch or dinner which is healthy and delicious at the same time and enjoyed by kids too.

Chickpeas are a great source of protein. One bowl of Chickpea curry helps you to fulfil your daily intake of protein. Most importantly, they tastes delicious and can be made in different ways. You can make chickpeas on their own using different local spices or you can also pair them with different vegetables to increase the nutrient content of your gravy. Also in India, there are so many cuisines from different states and these curries differentiate accordingly because of unique taste and flavour from their local spices and way of cooking.

Therefore, we have lined up some delicious Chickpea curries which are delicious and easy to make. So, make these mouth watering Chickpea curries during weekdays and serve them with your favourite raita and phulkas/parathas/rice.