24 Ways You Can Add Radish In Your Diet!

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When you ask someone about their favourite vegetable, you will rarely hear radish being one. Radish is a juicy root vegetable with a pungently sweet taste to it. In India they are popularly known as Mooli. Radishes can be white, red, purple or black, and when it comes to shape, they can be long, round or cylindrical. Some radishes grow in winter, while some in spring summer. The white radish variety known as Daikon which is commonly found in India, is a spring-summer vegetable. 

Owing to its pungent flavour, developing a taste for radish might take a while, but given its nutritional benefits, including it in your diet might be a very good idea. Radish is amazing for the liver and stomach as it helps in detoxification, high in fiber and helps with digestion, has a cooling effect on blood and maintains blood pressure, is low in calories and can help with weight loss. The vitamin C and folic acid in radish helps with maintaining good skin, it is also great for kidney related disorders. 

Now it might be tricky to include radish in your diet, the easiest way to do it would be through salad, but there are aplenty recipes that you can cook that not just camouflage the flavor of radish, but taste delicious as well like sabzi, paratha, chutney et al. Add this healthy vegetable in your diet through some of our amazing recipes.