16 Lip Smacking Kebab Recipes For Your Next House Party

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Kebabs are the perfect snacks when it comes to parties. The grilled, smoky, almost melt in your mouth feel of kebabs can get one hooked almost instantaneously. The word Kebab came from an Arabic word 'Cabob' which means to burn. It is believed that they first gained popularity in the Middle East, but with time became a popular grilled dish across countries.

Apart from their taste, kebabs also owe some of their popularity to their versatility. They are extremely versatile, and you can cook these up with minced meat, legumes, or your favourite vegetables. Kebabs are a part of Royal meals to street food shops alike. You can serve them as an appetizer in your parties, as a tea time snack with your hot cup of tea/coffee or you can even pack them for your picnics or potluck parties.

Kebabs are usually served with chutneys and dips for added taste. Here is a collection of our favourite kebab recipes you can try at your next party!