10 South Indian Rasam Recipes That Will Remind You Of Home

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South Indian cuisine is famous for their varieties of Rasams and a meal during the festivals or any special occasion does not feel complete without it.  Its ingredients have intense digestive properties, making it lighter on the tummy and ease digestion as well and that's the reason Rasam is preferred to have at the end of the meal with steamed rice. Each variety of Rasam is different from one another in their taste and texture. Rasam can be sweet, spicy, tangy or a fusion of all the three. Rasam like the Pepper Rasam can be a blessing for people suffering from cold or throat infection. 

Each region in South-India has its own way of preparing Rasam and some of the common ingredients being tomato, tamarind water, coriander seeds, dal, green chilli, garlic, and pepper. The slurp that it adds with steamed rice is lovely to enjoy when you are at home. Below are 10 most popular Rasam recipes that you should try for a delicious lunch or dinner with family.



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