12 Andhra Recipes That Will Spice Up Your Taste Buds

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When we think of Andhra, we can only think of the spicy food that keeps us drooling over it, right from Gongura Pachadi to spicy chilli chicken. The authentic Andhra cuisine usually contain red chills, tamarind, dal and tomatoes as essential ingredients. Spicy variants of sabzi's, pickles, chutneys and fritters are an integral part of Andhra cuisine. A typical Andhra meal consists of Pickles, Pachadis, Vegetable Palyam, Pulusu, Biryani, Papads, Pappu, Rasam, and Podis. A telugite would understand what we are talking about. Andhra Recipes are easy to cook to make and just needs the basic ingredients from your kitchen. 

These recipes are relished during any of their native festivals and celebrations. Andhra festival are never complete without their pappu charu and pulusu tried with various vegetables. Today, we have curated 12 Andhra style spicy recipes for you to cook for your family. These are perfect recipes for a delicious lunch or dinner, and we are sure your family would enjoy the most and ask you to make more of it!