8 Mouth Watering Fusion Recipes You Must Try For Your Brunch Parties

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Whether it is a simple weekend dinner at home or a house party with friends and family, we always deal with a confusing mind about what special to cook which is different from our day to day meals. On the top of that, we have so many Indian as well as International cuisines to choose from, that deciding on one particular cuisine is also difficult. So what about selecting something different which is a combination of two or three cuisines. Yes, we are talking about fusion recipes!

By Fusion recipes we mean, combining flavours from different regions or countries to form one dish. How about making International dishes with desi Indian tadka? Just add an Indian twist to your favourite International dish and your fusion recipe is ready. From Italian Pizza, Pasta, Mexican Tortillas to Chinese Noodles, we added an Indian twist in everything to make it a delicious and tempting Fusion recipe. 

Here, we have lined up 8 mouth watering fusion recipes that you can make for your brunch and treat your friends and family with scrumptious food.