9 Best Gratin Recipes To Make A Hearty Weekend Meal

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European cuisine is a groundbreaker of many recipes and a variety of baked casseroles is one of them. Baked casseroles usually aim at main course food which is also a one pot recipe for a meal. Among such one pot recipes from cuisines around the world, Gratins are the popular food that originate in France and is made in an oven proof dish.

Gratin is either baked or broiled to achieve the crusty top. As fancy and exotic as the name sounds, the dish is pretty easy to make. Veggies, couscous and similar ingredients are layered with sauces like bechamel sauce, white sauce or custom sauces to suit the recipe. Layers of vegetable, pasta or seafood is usually smothered with dairy based cream, cheese, milk, mixed with mild spices and topped with bread or bread crumbs and baked to give a crunchy mellowed golden top. Gobble up this hearty but simple meal, pairing it with a salad and a mocktail on a weekend. Try these gratin recipes and you will in no time fall in love with this one pot main course meal.