6 Tempting Sizzlers That You Must Try For Your Weekend Dinner

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Sizzler is a hot plate (quite literally!) which has rice, noodles, or pasta - sided with steaks of meat seared on high heat, sided with roasted or grilled veggies and gravy/sauce poured on top. The sizzling sound you hear when the yummy and spicy sauce is cascaded on the pile of spiced rice or noodles revels your penchant over the food for sure!

The juiciness of the steak that is served in hot sizzler plate comes from the high heat which leaves the insides tender but the outside near to being crispy. Cutlets/patties or cottage cheese steaks can also be used for its vegetarian version. Rice served as the main portion of the sizzler plate is either plain steamed or a deliciously flavoured pilaf. Roasted, pan seared or grilled veggies provide a luscious accompaniment along. The sauce that is served is based on Worchestire, chilli garlic, or a tomato based coulis. The serving plate is heated to red hot and then the pilaf, veggies and steaks are placed, topping it with sauces that is left fizzling as you gorge on it without waste of time!

Some say this was initially invented in Japan and the resemblance of the recipe travelled to the USA after the World war II, where it became very popular there after, by the Steak House Industry. Regardless of its origin, Sizzler is a famous dinner to make you feel ravenous at its plain sight and sound and leave you satiated after having this meal. Here is a collection of sizzler based on rice as the main portion in the meal. Get your taste buds enjoy your taste judgement when you feast upon this sizzler meal! Try them out at the comfort of your home when you have your best bud or on a weekend with your family.