North Indian Cuisine is very vast and each region in across north india, has something special to offer. The cuisine is spread across Awadhi cuisine, Bihari cuisine, Bhojpuri cuisine, Himachali cuisine, Kashmiri cuisine, Kumaoni cuisine, Mughlai cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine and Cuisine of Uttar Pradesh. 

Each of these cuisines have their own special twist to a recipe and many of them have got their influences from Central Asia.

In this section you will find 100's of recipes from across various regions of of North India. These North Indian Sabzi Recipes are made healthy, using local ingredients and healthier cooking techniques. You will find traditional and fusion healthy sabzi recipes  - Bharwa Bhindi, Lauki Tamatar, Achari Aloo, Baingan Bharta, Kaddu Sabzi, Arbi Sabzi, Bharva Karela, Drumstick leaves sabzi, Suran ki Sabzi, Beetroot Sabzi, Carrot Sabzi, & much more.