There's an endless list of Indian breads, from phulkas, parathas, to naan, kulcha, and puris and theplas to choose from. Here is a variety of puris that you can make and serve as part of your meals. 

Rasam, a popular South Indian dish that is made in almost every household on everyday basis. It is popularly eaten with Steamed Rice or it is had like a soup on its own. Every state in South India has its own way of making Rasam, depending on the style of cooking and spices used. It is a perfect drink to have in Monsoon or Winter evenings, as it is also a great cure for your cold. 

Almond or Badam is a versatile nut that is used in different forms in sweet or savoury dishes. This versatile nut can be blanched and used to make salads and curries or ground to make almond meal to be used in cakes and cookies. Almonds can also be blended with water to make almond milk to make sweet badam milk or vegan hot chocolate. In India we have the popular badam halwa and badam barfi which are part of many festivities. 

Travel down South of India, and you will often hear street food carts have various kinds of 'Roasts' mentioned on their menus. From muttai roast, which is an egg roast to a mutton roast to endless varieties of not just meat but vegetarian roasts as well.

Whenever we talk about Punjabi food, the first dish that comes to our mind is Chola Kulcha. Chola is a spicy curry made of Kabuli Chana or Kala Chana, where Kulcha is a bread which is made of Maida or Whole Wheat Flour. Different parts of North Indian make these Chola Curries differently, while the Kulchas can be plain or can be stuffed with Potatoes, Paneer, Cauliflower, Green Peas etc.

Pesto is a sauce that originated in Italy. Essentially a blend of garlic cloves, pine nuts, fresh basil leaves, coarse salt, olive oil and some parmesan cheese is what makes a traditional Pesto sauce. 

Come weekends and we like to eat meals that different from our everyday dal roti meals. While the North Indians love to eat their chole bhature, or puri halwas the South Indians love their idlis and dosas. While the vegetarians are loving the vegetables, the non vegetarians can't help drool over the mutton curry, or even the fish curry.

Brinjals or eggplant or aubergine also known as baingan in Hindi, badne kai in Kannada, vankaya in Telugu , begun in Bengali, vangi in Marathi and vangan in Sindhi is common vegetable available throughout the year. Brinjals come in all shapes and sizes and are available in green and purple, but which ever variety you use these amazing delicious brinjals can be cooked in a variety of ways and brinjals absorb flavours and spices into is flesh making it delicious and mouthwatering.

Kurma or korma is a delicious rich creamy gravy usually made of coconut, curd, nut paste, spices and curd or milk or cream along with vegetables or meat. Almost all kurma curries pair well with a roti, appam or any variety rice like pulaos and biryanis or ghee rice.

Ending a year with a bang and welcoming the next year with your family and friends is on most peoples list. Many of us like to have a house party where we end up inviting most of our family and friends over. Getting your menu in place if your hosting a party is really important and a little bit of planning can go a long way. Most guests and kids fill up on starters and appetizer and do not even look at the main course.

Come monsoons and winters, we like our meals at home to be served piping hot and made with ingredients that are available during that season. One such dish, are Cutlet or tikkis as we call them. Piping hot straight from the kadai into your plate. 

That smile it brings to each of ours faces, those flavour packed soft, crumbly cupcake with a fluffy frosting over it. Cupcakes are loved by both the young and the old. Not just for dessert but even as a great evening snack.

Puddings are the ultimate desserts and you can have them cold or warm. When we think of traditional puddings we think of warm baked bread puddings, or rice puddings. Here we have a put up a collection of various innovative desserts which you can make for your next celebrations or dinner parties.

Cucumber, is one of those vegetables which is used in almost every household. It is from Bitter Gourd family and is mainly used to make salads. While you can just slice the cucumbers and it on their own or you can make different kinds of salads by pairing it with different vegetables and adding your choice of dressing into it to make it more delicious and flavoursome.

Winters are just around the corner or we can say it already started in some of the states of India. Chilled weather, cozy bed covers and delicious hot and piping food is all we need during this time to enjoy a perfect Winter night. Well, there are many famous Indian dishes such as Bhajiyas, Shorba, Chaats which can satisfy our taste buds, but nothing can beat a meal of Momo, Soup and Noodle, especially for a person who loves Asian food.

Pulav, which is also called as Pilaf or Pulao, is a delicious Indian dish that is made in every state with different flavours and style of cooking. It is a rice dish that is made with the combination of rice, vegetables and different spices. You can also make a Non Veg Pulav by adding Chicken, Prawns, Mutton, Fish etc. These are also a great weeknight dinner, as they are easy to make and gets ready in no time. It is a common preparation in all the Indian households and is loved by the kids too.

A simple vegetarian stew is a vegetable or mixed vegetable gravy which is slow cooked with the addition of coconut milk. Stew get its complex flavours from a combination of aromatic spices like coriander, cumin, turmeric powder, cardamom, bay leaves, peppercorns and cinnamon. The spices marry in a rich, flavourful sauce that has a comforting, belly-warming appeal.

As seasons change, along with our attire, our eating habits too change to adapt to the weather. The best season for food is the winters. During the winters we are able to digest better and eat fresh seasonal produce available during this time of the year. Winter meals usually are heavy, enriched with ghee, whole spices and nuts, that help keep us warm from within.

When it comes to a non - vegetarian diet , our choices are endless. From chicken, mutton, fish to prawns, pork, beef, squid, crab, lobster and what not. Amongst them all, fish is said to be relatively a lot more nutritious than the rest of them.

Rajma, also called as Kidney Beans is one of those Indian pulses that is loved by everyone. Especially, when we hear Rajma Chawal, our hunger keeps on increasing. Rajma Curry is one of those curries which is made in every state of India but has a slightly different taste because of the use of local masalas and style of cooking. It is mostly made in North India and is also sold on the streets of Delhi and is enjoyed by many people during winter evenings.

If you are looking for tasty, light, comfort food dinner ideas then look no further. Here we have a collection of healthy kootu, parathas and chutney which make for comforting weekday dinner.

Most of us love brownies but every individual is different and everyone has their own way of loving a brownie. Whatever your brownie craving is, here we have some amazing chocolate brownies, Blondies, Brownies with chocolate chips, and brownies with a twist which transform the basic brownie into something amazing. 

 We are always on the lookout to serve something different, something delicious to our families, when it comes to our meals. Apart from which, we also focus on the dessert bit, where we want to ensure its not too high in sugar, yet tastes yummy and made a wee bit healthy as well. One such dish are the American parfaits, that are easy to make and liked by almost everyone. 

Egg Bhurji, one of the most common breakfasts that is prepared in almost every household and is eaten along with Bread Toast or Tawa Paratha. Egg Bhurji is the Indian version of Scrambled Eggs that is very popular all over the world for breakfast. In Egg Bhurji, eggs are scrambled and cooked along with onion, tomatoes and basic masalas. It takes very less time to prepare and thus perfect for your weekday breakfasts when you have less time due to your hectic schedules.