18 Lip Smacking Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipes For Dinner

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To get a pleasant break from our Indian khana, its a great idea to try out these fried rice recipes in your kitchen, that can be stir fried and ready in a jiffy.For those unplanned days, when you can't think of what to make for your family, yet you'd like to make it interesting and nutritious for the kids, these fried rice recipes, that are pure vegetarian will come to your rescue.

To put out this piping hot meal, all you need is some pre cooked rice, some healthy additions of veggies like carrot, beans, bean sprouts, capsicum and the list is endless. The sky's the limit. You could also add some tofu, mushrooms, babycorn, broccoli.

If you do not have the pre cooked rice, you can quickly make some, it hardly takes any time to have the rice cooked.

Apart from using just rice, we can also use millets, broken wheat, quinoa, cauliflower, which essentially is grated cauliflower that resembles rice.Making fried rice with these element of carbs makes it a lot more healthier.

There are various ways and styles of making recipes, not just Chinese, but Mexican, Thai and even some variants of Indian stir fried rice.

The style in which it is made determines the flavouring ingredients. From soy sauce, vinegar, to Thai basil and chillies like green chillies and red chillies re used to flavour these recipes.So quite literally, all that is required to make the 'fried rice' is to heat a wok, add some oil, stir fry the veggies, add the rice, seasoning and there you go, fried rice is ready.

Fried rice can be packed in lunch boxes, served at dinner parties and potlucks and makes a great weekend meal too.

Serve them as is or along with a side of a lip smacking manchurian and there, you've got your meal ready to be served.

So, get to your kitchen and try these fried rice recipes that are absolutely vegetarian.