15 South Indian Delicious Non Vegetarian Ghee Roast Recipes Perfect For Meal Times

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Travel down South of India, and you will often hear street food carts have various kinds of 'Roasts' mentioned on their menus. From muttai roast, which is an egg roast to a mutton roast to endless varieties of not just meat but vegetarian roasts as well.

Roasts essentially are those dishes, where the meat of vegetable is pan fried and tossed in a chunky onion- tomato base and an array of dry spice powders or freshly roasted spices that are ground and added to the dish. These masalas add great flavour to the dish. 

These roast recipes  are semi- gravy in nature, and gets its name as the dish is pan roasted in a spicy, flavour packed masala, often made with chunky with the addition of onions and tomatoes. 

While some roast recipes used ready dry spice powders, the freshly made spice powders lend an aroma that's absolutely next level. 

These roast recipes are made in the southern states of India mainly, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. These Roast recipes can be served as appetizers, or as a main dish along with appams, parottas, or just as a side along with some rasam and rice. 

It's simple to make and tastes absolutely delicious. So get to your kitchen already and stir up these roast recipes.