6 Chola, Kulcha & Raita Combinations For A Perfect Punjabi Meal

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Whenever we talk about Punjabi food, the first dish that comes to our mind is Chola Kulcha. Chola is a spicy curry made of Kabuli Chana or Kala Chana, where Kulcha is a bread which is made of Maida or Whole Wheat Flour. Different parts of North Indian make these Chola Curries differently, while the Kulchas can be plain or can be stuffed with Potatoes, Paneer, Cauliflower, Green Peas etc.

Mainly in Punjab and Delhi, Chola Kulcha is sold on the streets and enjoyed by a huge number of people. Some of them even served it along with Green Chutney i.e Dhaniya Pudina Chutney, Mithi Chutney i.e Imli Khajur Ki Chutney and sliced onions. It is a filling meal and is very delicious. It is usually eaten in Breakfast in the Northern states of India but you can also make it for your Brunch, Lunch or Dinner.

The most popular Chole, which is made in almost all the Indian households have a base of Tomato, Onion, Ginger and Garlic. It is a spicy curry where boiled cholas are cooked in the Tomato Onion paste along with Green Chillies and basic everyday masalas. But, you can always add a twist to the Chola for more flavour and better taste. For Instance, You can use a Black Tea Bag to give a nice colour to Chola or you can give a smoking effect to your cholas by using the coal method.

Other than this, you can also add your favourite vegetables along with Chola to make it more nutritious and tasty like Palak, Capsicum, Methi etc. On the other hand, Kulchas are everyone's favourite. These tastes great with the Chola Curry. The most popular one is Aloo Kulcha, where Kulcha is stuffed with Aloo Masala and is smeared with butter on top. Sounds delicious, right? You can make your choice of filling to make these Kulchas. You can also stuff it with Cheese, Chicken or Mutton.

So, next time you are craving for a delicious meal plate of Chole Kulcha, no need to take a trip to Punjab. You can always make these delicious combinations for your weekend breakfast and enjoy it with your friends and family.

1.Punjabi Chola/ Chana Masala, Aloo Kulcha & Tomato Onion Tadka Raita

2. Amritsari Chole With Kala Chana, Stuffed Vegetable Kulcha & Cucumber Green Chilli Raita

3.Palak Chole, Tawa Amritsari Kulcha & Pudina And Dhaniya Raita

4.Rawal Pindi Style Chole, Chilli Cheese Stuffed Kulcha & Onion Raita

5.Khatte Chole, Whole Wheat Onion Stuffed Kulcha & Palak Raita

6.Peshawari Chole, Paneer Kulcha & Boondi Raita