These Lip Snacking Sweet Corn Snacks & Appetizers Make Perfect Evening Snacks

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Corn also known as Maize is highly popular world wide. It is the most cultivated plant surpassing rice and wheat in the Americas. In India sweet corn is a really popular and you can find sweet corn being sold either boiled or roasted on coal. Have it plain or slathered and mixed with different spices either way corn is a versatile grain ( vegetable) and takes on the flavors of the spices really well. 

Sweet corn is easily available all  through the year either fresh or frozen. Its easy to stock up frozen corn kernels in your freezer and cook up tasty corn dishes when ever you like. Here we have some popular tasty Indian Sweet Corn Snacks, Starters & Appetizers Recipes for you. Make corn as vadas, cutlets or chops or make the popular sundal and crispy corn chaats. Serve them for your kids as after school snacks or you can serve them up at your next weekend party.

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