11 Delicious Fish Fry Recipes That Are Perfect For Weekend Meals

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Talk about appetizers and sides to our main meals, often we like something wholesome and sumptuous. When it's non vegetarian, our choices are vary from eggs, chicken, mutton or even seafood like fish, prawns and much more. There's nothing really that can replace a spicy masala fish fry.

Fish fries are made across the country, with variations pertaining to the region it is made in. Not just the way it is made, but also the variety of fish that is used. Fish fry is made with the fish that is popular in their region, while some use the pomfret whole, other use seer fish slices.

These fish is either fried on the tawa or deep fried.

Depending on the region it is from, determines it's recipes. While the North Indian preparation popular in Amritsar and Delhi use sry spice powders, the Maharashtrians and Konkanis use coconut and kokum in their masalas.

The South Indians use dry red chillies and whole spices like black peppercorns, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and a wee bit of dals and sesame seeds to add some nuttiness into their maslas. Don't forget the addition of curry leaves that adds great flavour to the fish fry masalas.

Further enhancing the flavours, is frying the fish in coconut oil, will literally leave you asking for more.

While you will see most fish fry recipes being marinated in the maslas and then being fried, there are some that coat the marinated fish with semolina and then fry it. semolina gives that added crunch to the fish with a crispy crunchy outer and soft inner when you take a bite into your lip smacking fish fry.

So wait no more and get ahead with these fish fry recipes in your kitchen.