16 Delicious Amla Recipes To Boost Your Immunity and Health

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Amla also known as Indian Gooseberry is a fruit which is a superfood. Sour and astringent in flavour it is commonly had with some salt and chilies. You can find gooseberry sold in many street side shops in a brine water solution. Considered sacred in India it is said to almost cures every disease and is also good in extending the longevity of life.

Both the fresh and the dried fruit is used in traditional Indian medicines. Amla helps in controlling diabetes, aids digestion, prevents heart diseases, acts as a diuretic and improves hair growth. 

You can include Amla easily in your diet and reap its benefits. Its a hard fruit and the ideal way to chop amla is to cut it along the vertical lines, prise it open and remove the core, so you will have the segments intact. You can also boil the amla and then chop it up. Amla candies are a good way to preserve amla, so are amla pickles and the popular amla murabba.

Here we have some tasty Amla recipes which you can make to include Amla in your diet.

1. Amla Chutney & Amla Raita Recipes

Amla Chutneys and Raita are a great accompaniment to your Indian meal. Quick and easy to make try these tasty recipes to include amla. 

2. Amla Juice Recipes

One of the easiest and fastest way to include amla in your diet is to juice it up. Blend amla with any fruit or vegetable to reap its benifits. 

3. Indian Savoury Recipes

Amla can be made into pickles and subzis as well. They can be added to dals and rice or made into rassam. Here are some amazing Indian savoury recipes for you to make.