11 Lip Smacking Non Vegetarian Meal Ideas For Weekends

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Come weekends and we like to eat meals that different from our everyday dal roti meals. While the North Indians love to eat their chole bhature, or puri halwas the South Indians love their idlis and dosas. While the vegetarians are loving the vegetables, the non vegetarians can't help drool over the mutton curry, or even the fish curry.

Here are various non vegetarian meal combinations that you can serve for both breakfast or dinner and of course brunch too.

Curries and gravies from the Southern states of India like stews, saaru, gassi and roasts of chicken, mutton fish and prawns are paired with dosas, appams, muddes, idiyappam and the list is endless.

These non vegetarian food combinations are planned and ready for you to execute, so wait no more, and cook up these meals before they give you get into a food coma.

1. Ghee Roast Dosa & Kongunadu Chicken Curry

2. Appam & Mutton Stew

3. Idiyappam & Kerala Chicken Curry

4. Mudde & Mutton Saaru

5. Red Matta Rice & Meen Vevichathu

6. Kerala Puttu & Malabar Prawn Curry

7. Sana & Kori Gassi

8. Malabar Parotta & Keema Curry

9. Neer Dosa & Mangalore Fish Curry

10. Kadumbuttu & Coorg Koli Curry

11. Ari Pathiri & Kerala Chicken Roast