12 Amazing Continental & Asian Dishes That You Can Make Using Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan

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It is one pan called in different names! You might have seen this Kuzhi Paniyaram or Appe Pan used by your mother or grandmother in the kitchen for making breakfast. The Paniyaram pan will become your favourite utensil in the kitchen once you start using them in your everyday cooking.

It is interesting to see how this pan is called differently in different places like Appam-patra Pan, Paddu Pan, Unniappam Pan, Aebleskiver Pan, Puff Pancake Pan and Paniyaram Pan. It is wonderful to know that one pan can be used to make different kinds of dishes right from savoury, sweet, crunchy, soft, moist and even sometimes stuffed as well.

Our most favourite South Indian dishes that we all know is the Paniyaram or Paddus. These are savoury little rice pancakes served during breakfast with a spicy coconut chutney by the side. They are crispy on the outside and moist inside. These are best to be eaten hot hot when they are prepared fresh. The next most loved recipe is Unniyappam, which is nothing but a sweet version made using jaggery, ripened banana and Maida. These are mainly served as a snack with a hot cup of tea in Kerala.

There are different ways you can substitute them for, like:

  • For Fried Dishes : It is a best and healthy option to use this pan to get a crispy texture compared to deep frying them in oil. All you need is a teaspoon of oil to fry any fritter, pakoda or bajji.
  • For Kofta Curries & Pakoda Kadhi : The mixture of the koftas or Pakoras can be fried using these paniyaram pan and still gives a nice crunchy texture that can be soaked well in the curry.
  • For Making Sweet Dishes : Most of the sweet dishes are either fried in deep ghee to give it a rich texture. But you can these kuzhi paniyaram pan also to get the same texture and flavour that you are looking for. Dishes like Unniyappam, Chettinad Sweet Paniyaram.

Here we have tried to create Interesting Continental recipes for you to try with the Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan. Try them out for your weekend specials. 

  • 1. KFC Style Crispy Chicken Popcorn Recipe

    KFC crispy popcorn is a most loved fast food snack. You can now make them at home with a kuzhi Paniyaram. You will still get a crunchy and crispy texture that you are looking for. This crunchy irresistible starter, with flavour packed tender meat on the inside, and golden & crispy coating on the outside, it can be eaten as it is or served with a dip. 

  • 2. Spinach and Sweet Potato Bombs Recipe

    A wonderful continental snack that you can make from sweet potato and paired well with spinach leaves. The bombs are flavored with simple seasonings like oregano, thyme and crushed pepper. It is then fried till it is crispy in a kuzhi paniyaram pan, which is the best option of cooking the appetizer as it uses less oil. These will become the best option as a kids after school snack or as a healthy version of a party appetizer.

  • 3. Non-Fried Corn & Cheese Bites Recipe (Corn & Paneer Balls)

    If you are looking to make more continental style Appetizers, here is another recipe made with a combination soft crumbled paneer and sweet corn flavoured continental herbs. The Corn & Cheese balls recipe is one such dish that will come in handy when you plan a party. The cheese balls are healthy, quick to make and super delectable to eat.

  • 4. Carrot, Sweet Potato, Mushrooms Fritters Recipe

    A non fired continental snack is a healthy option to give for your kids as an after school snack. The blend of carrot and sweet potato gives a nice texture as well flavour to the dosh. It also helps to increase the fiber content in the body. If you feel anytime you need some crunchy and sweet snack to munch on you can make this recipe in a no time and serve.

  • 5. Beetroot and Carrot Veg balls with sautéed leek Recipe

    A starter that you can make at your home with few ingredients. The vegetarian balls are made with grated carrot and beetroot that is mixed along with crumbled paneer and some dried herbs and some fresh ginger to bring out the flavor in them. The balls are then shaped and fried in a kuzhi paniyaram pan till it is crisped. The fried veg balls are then served over a bed of sauteed leeks with black sesame seeds. This will make a perfect combination for your starter. The starter has a lot of nutrients in them as carrot and beets are rich in vitamin C and are a diabetic friendly vegetable.

  • 6. Spinach Ricotta Balls in Garlic Tomato Basil Sauce Recipe

    A delicious main course that you can make with less oil by using healthy ingredients. This is a continental dish with a base of tangy tomatoes combined with basil and mixed herbs, served with some cheese balls so soft, that they will literally melt in your mouth. 

  • 7. Zucchini Zoodles with mushroom Meatball Recipe

    Here is an exciting recipe that you can try at your place. It is basically noodles made with Zucchini to give it a different texture to the whole dish. It is also considered to be a Gluten-Free pasta dish. The zoodles is then topped with some spice and tangy mushroom meatball fried in a kuzhi paniyaram pan and cooked in a delicious sauce to make it a one pot meal.

  • 8. Chickpea & Oats Falafel Recipe

  • 9. Thai Style Curried Corn Fritters Recipe

    You can even try some asian flavours to make an Appetizer with the kuzhi paniyaram pan as well. An interesting recipe made from corn kernels and flavored with Thai red curry paste. The fritter are so easy to make and will be loved by everyone. All you need is some fresh sweet corn mixed with egg, Thai red curry and fried in a kuzhi Paniyaram pan which makes it very healthy. The dish is wonderful for monsoon season as you can munch on them with every sip of coffee and have endless conversation.

  • 10. Thai Style Mung Bean Fritter Recipe

    A very famous street food in Thailand where it is made from yellow mung beans and mixed along with some Thai flavors to create a delicious crispy fritter. The fritter taste amazing when had along with fresh chili coriander chutney. It is also found to be gluten free as it contains only mung bean and fresh herbs. A healthy tip used in this recipe is to fry these fritters in Kuzhi paniyaram pan with less oil.


  • 11. Vegetable Manchurian Balls in Hot and Spicy Garlic Sauce

    A classic Indo-Chinese dish that you would love to eat anytime of the day. The dish consist of a chilli sauce with a variation of different types of chilli sauces. The Vegetable balls are made from a combination of finely minced vegetables that are fried with less oil and served as a main course dish in a chilli garlic sauce.

  • 12. Æbleskivers Recipe- Danish Chocolate Pancake Puffs

    One dessert that you would want to try is this danish desserts made using pancake batter to form small round shaped light puffs. It is traditionally cooked in a cast iron Æbleskiver mould pans resembling our paniyaram pans and served during the Advert.

    It is soft , fluffy and makes a wonderful after school snacks for the kids. We have tweaked the recipe and used a mix of oats and flour to make it healthy.



Sibyl Sunitha

Sibyl Sunitha

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