12 Instant Pickles That Are Perfect To Make For The Summers

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Pickling is an art of extending the shelf life of food by adding salt or vinegar to it. Though basic pickling is done with a brine solution (salt solution) alone, pickles in Asia, especially in India has a lot more that goes into it. Fiery spices, sometimes sugar and oil goes into making this favourite accompaniment to main course. Pickle is a favourite condiment that people love across India.

Lemon, mango, ginger, chillies, carrot, cucumber, mixed vegetables, prawns, fish, mutton and many more are pickled with varying spice levels and pickling methods. Some pickles are cooked with oil and spices to stay for long and some are fermented in a salt solution which is technically termed as anaerobic fermentation.

Though majority of pickling happens in summers and needs a longer time for the fermentation, there are many pickles which can be instantly made available for use. Here is a collection of 12 instant pickle recipes that you can prepare in matter of hours. These pickles can be eaten the same day that you make them. Taste this instant pickles one after one which can be stored for a few days to few months. Savour these quick pickles with rice recipes, khichdi, parathas, or just anything on your plate!