162 Indian Summer Recipes That Will Keep Your Body Cool

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There are times when we end up eating a lot of hot and spicy foods during summers that might result in rising internal temperature mechanism of our body. We might feel the hot flushes, acidity or problems related with elevation of the fiery element within the body, especially in Indian weather. Some people also experience heart burns, skin eruptions, and general irritability as one of the major symptoms. To avoid these symptoms, here are ways to keep your body cool, through pacifying foods and more.

Must Have Summer Foods

Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated during scorching summers. Especially if you go out in sun often, never forget to carry a bottle of water with you. Drink loads of water to keep yourself fresh and cool. Eating whole cut fruits is better than drinking their juice though it does the cooling effect. Since you will also be getting the fiber you need for the day, by eating fruits, which is vital to store water within digestive system in summer.

Eat lots of moong dal, cucumbers, radish, fennel seeds, coconut water, pomegranate, poppy seeds, fenugreek seeds, cold milk, zucchini, melons, squashes, and other lighter vegetables more than root vegetables, leafy greens, whole grain pulses, meat (especially chicken and poultry), and dried fruits. Remember to combine the heat producing ingredients with coolants in your summer diet. Kadhi recipes, moong dal recipes, chaas and lassi recipes are a must inclusion to your diet this season.

  1. Drink Plenty of water
  2. Stock up on Fresh Coconut Water
  3. Eat Fresh Fruits & Make Fresh Fruit Juices

Below Are A Few Cooling Indian Summer Recipes

Indian Summer Drinks

Summer drinks are very refreshing and when made with fresh ingredients it makes it healthy as a well. In this section you will find recipes from Aam Panna, Butter Milk/ Chaas, Lassi, Shikanji, Sharbat and more. Make a stock of these indian summer drinks everyday, so you can offer then to your kids or sip as a snack to hydrate during the day.

Indian Summer Mor Kuzhambu Recipes (South Indian Buttermilk Recipes)

South indian mor kuzhambu recipes are very hydrating and refreshing. Mor Kuzhambu are recipes that are made from buttermilk or dahi and are combined along with coconut and chillies and boiled summer vegetables. You can serve the mor kuzhambu for the summers along with a rice and a poriyal or sabzi to make a light refreshing summer meal.

Indian Summer Kadhi Recipes (North Indian Buttermilk Recipes)

Kadhi recipes are a favorite not just for the winters, but also the hot summer. The addition of dahi along with tadka into the kadhi makes it refreshing and cooling for the summers. Serve the kadhi recipes for the summers along with, rice, roti and sabzi to make a simple and quick summer lunch or dinner.

Indian Summer Sabzi & Curry Recipes

There are certain vegetables that are great to eat in summers. Because of the intense heat, one feels like eating light water based vegetables like Lauki, Turai, Cucumber, Parwal, Tindora, Amaranth, Karela and Bhindi. These summer vegetables are refreshing and can be combined along with dal or made into a simple sabzi on its own.


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