Plan A Fun Food Carnival With Kids In Your Neighbourhood For A Perfect Summer Activity

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Joy, merriment, trips and learning something new through experience and much more define summer holidays for kids. That’s the time when the kids run out of ideas to amuse themselves if left on their own. Streamline the children’s activities throughout the day and reduce their stress of the biggest question- “What do I do next?” Come up with various plans to keep your kids occupied.

One of the ways is through the carnival/ fair ideas that apartments and neighbourhood communities come up with. This summer, plan for a food carnival in your neighbourhood, and invite all the kids enjoying their summer vacations. Kids can bring in the home cooked food and keep stalls to sell their recipes. Stalls that kids can arrange and sell a few handmade pieces of art or artful canapes, desserts and food is sure to attract a lot of appreciation. While they can either make a small pocket money for themselves or donate the collection that they have made, for a charitable cause will swell their hearts with pride.

Here are a few food stall ideas that your kids can come up with, during this summer’s neighbourhood fete/carnival. Pick the recipes according to the age of the child, include their friends to make a cute and appetizing stall in the fare. Engage kids in making the food that will carry for their stalls. But make sure that the processes chopping and cooking and well-guided with the presence of elders and the assembling of the recipe and serving is rehearsed and taught well before letting them to their stalls.

We have handpicked recipes which are kid friendly and need minimum skill while serving the crowd. Kids will love the engagement that they can have with their activity at home while preparing the recipes and then presenting them in their stalls to public. After all, small joys are savoured the best!

Chaat Recipes

Sandwich Recipes

Muffin recipes