8 Delectable And Appetizing Kofta Curries For Your Weekend House Parties

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Deciding on a menu for house parties is difficult, especially when we want to make something Indian. There are so many recipes in Indian Cuisine which we can make for such house parties, that we end up getting confused about what to make for the main course, especially when we want to try something new. 

We can easily decide on the side dishes, but when it comes to the main dish for the main course it should be something which is delicious and looks appetising. So how about making mouth watering and flavourful kofta curries for the same. From Broccoli, Paneer to Cauliflower, you can make soft koftas out of your favourite vegetables and dip into delicious curries. These curries tastes delicious with chapati, naan, paratha, steamed rice or any other mixed pulav.

So what are you waiting for? Bring all the ingredients and make these delicious kofta curries for your weekend dinners and impress your friends and family. Here, we have lined up some kofta recipes which will help you decide your menu for the weekend lunch/dinner.