Celebrate Baisakhi With 15 Delicious & Authentic Punjabi Recipes

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Baisakhi is the harvest festival of North India, it marks the onset for winter harvest. Farmers celebrate this day by offering their gratitude to mother Earth for blessing them with good crop the upcoming season. For the Sikh and Punjabi communities, Baisakhi is important because the foundation of Panth Khalsa was laid down on this very day.

Baisakhi falls on the 13th or 14th of April every year, this year it is on the 13th. This day also marks the beginning of the HIndu Solar New Year, and is celebrated in different regions of the country but only with different names, like in Kerala it is called Vishu, in Assam Bohag Bihu, in Bihar Vaishakha etc.

Boiling it down, Baisakhi for the farmers is the day they show their gratitude to Mother Earth for a good harvest, for Sikhs it is a holy day, and for many others it is a new beginning with the Hindu Solar New Year.

In North India, especially Punjab, every household is filled with the aromatic flavours of delicious Punjabi food right from appetisers to desserts. Traditional Punjabi cuisine has its own unique flavours set apart by its spicy, strong aromas and generous amounts of ghee. 

Since Baisakhi is right around the corner, Punjabi or not we thought one could always enjoy some lip smacking Punjabi food. We have put together some Punjabi recipes you must relish this festive season!