Make Your Breakfast Wholesome With These 6 Paratha, Raita & Chutney Combinations

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Delicious breakfast is always an inspiration to wake up on a lazy weekend morning. And what can be better than having lip smacking stuffed parathas with raita and chutney. A good breakfast can make your day as it keeps you energised and perked up. 

Well, Aloo and Paneer parathas are very popular in India but do you know other than these you can make stuffed parathas with many delicious filings which are not only healthy but tastes delicious. You can stuff parathas with your favourite vegetables which are high in protein and is packed with nutrients. These parathas can also be packed in your lunch box or can be prepared for your dinners.

So every weekend morning impress your friends and family with these Mouth watering and delectable paratha, raita and chutney combinations. We have lined up some such recipes of stuffed parathas with raita and chutney which you can make in your kitchen. They are easy, tasty and requires few day to day ingredients.