53 Delicious Indian Halwa Recipes You Can Make For Festivals

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Halwa is one dessert recipe which Indian cuisine is abundant with, and is most explored on the numerous days when we have festivals to celebrate, or occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. In traditional families, stirring up Indian regional sweets or halwa is preferred to cutting cakes and trying party recipes from non-Indian cuisines, especially when it is a birthday or anniversary of the elders in family.

Halwa is a dense sweet confection that is usually made with sweetened flour or nuts. Halwa is often made with vegetables, fruits and beans as well, making the possibility of stirring up lovely confection to satiate a sweet tooth and also making it a hearty dessert to go along with Indian meals. Here are such halwa recipes that you can try for numerous small festivities in your family or serve it as an occasional after school snack for kids when they crave for something sweet. You can pick a recipe and make a halva when your child wins a prize in a school competition or to offer it to the adults of the family on their birthday.

Try these halwa recipes which everyone will love at home on a festivity you find is apt!