36 Pizza Recipes To Make You Spoilt For Choices

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If you are anything like us, there would have never been a pizza you didn't like. Well, they don't say 'Happiness is a slice of Pizza' for nothing, right!

God bless the Italians for this humble invention! The visual of the crunchy crust topped with delicious vegetables and molten cheese alone can get us hungry in absolutely no time. The best thing about pizzas is their adaptability to our taste buds, we can top pizzas with vegetables, fruits, spices or just the plain old cheese, but yet it manages to be an absolute delight every single time in every single form.

So here are a few pizza recipes with distinctively delicious toppings or in forms like muffins, pizza pockets, pin wheels et al, you must make for your family, or even just for yourself, because 'Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe enough in yourself'! 

36 Pizza recipes

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