8 Delicious And Lip Smacking Combinations For Your Weekend Breakfast

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After a week of hectic schedule and all the chaos, weekends are to relax! And what can be better than cooking some delicious breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning and have a relaxed morning with your family. Monday to Friday, we struggle with what to make which is easy and fast, but the weekend is the time to unwind and take the time to make something you really want.

Also during the weekends, we usually have plans for the day when we go out to shop or just to meet our friends and relatives or its a lazy day and we want to cook one meal which fills us up for both breakfast and lunch. We want to cook something heavy in breakfast which fills us up and keep us going throughout the day.

From Punjabi Parathas to Gujarati Dhoklas, you can make something new every weekend to surprise your family with the delicious recipes. Therefore, we have made some mouth watering breakfast combinations for you which are delicious, easy and filling and will keep you energised the entire day.