6 Delicious Lotus Stem Recipes That You Can Include In Your Diet

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Lotus Stem, as the name implies is part of the aquatic lotus flower, and is a widely used vegetable in Asian cuisine, and is also used in traditional herbal medicine.

Lotus Stem has great health benefits owing to its unique mix of vitaminsminerals, and phytonutrients, including potassium, phosphorous, copperiron, and manganese.

The iron and copper content in lotus stem provides a great support when it comes to stimulating blood circulation, Vitamin B helps with maintaining peace of mind, potassium helps with regulating blood pressure. The woody, fleshy lotus stem is packed with dietary fiber which helps with digestion related concerns, and also cardiovascular health. 100 grams of this root can fulfill 73% of our daily Vitamin C requirements. 

Enough healthy reasons to include this nutritious root vegetable in your diet in the form of snacks, soup, stir fried dish et al. Here are a few lotus stem recipes we swear by and which you should definitely try!