10 Mouth Watering Rajasthani Sweet Dishes You Can’t Resist

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Rajasthan, the state of royals is known for his culture and food. The unique taste and flavour of each and every Rajasthani dish has a royal touch to it. Whether it is a snack, main course or a dessert dish, everything tastes heavenly. Well, its very well known for its rich food but it is famous for its toothsome sweets too. These sweets are a part of every festival, wedding or any special occasion in the state.

In India, we usually have tradition of serving sweets after our meal but surprisingly sweets are not an after meal affair in Rajasthan. Rather, they are served along with the main meal. Yes, people in Rajasthan love their desserts! There are a variety of sweets which includes laddoo, halwa and many more mithai which are full of ghee and dry fruits which adds a hint of royalty to these delectable and appetising sweet dishes.

To make you taste the flavour of Rajasthani dishes, we bring you 9 popular Rajasthani sweet recipes which you can make in your kitchen. They are easy, full of flavour and apt for any special occasion. So what are you waiting for? Try these heavenly Rajasthani sweet dishes next time you want to celebrate something special.