Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and culture, the cuisines across regions vary significantly from each other. Every cuisine and almost every region, uses its own available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices, traditions and festivals that are passed on from generations.

A traditional Indian diet in India typically consists of dals, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and more. In this section you will find more than 1000+ main course recipes spread over North Indian Vegetarian Recipes, South Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Rice Recipes, Non Veg Recipes and much more. Below are some of the collections.

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Kathirikai Poondu Pirattal Recipe - South Indian Style Brinjal Stir Fry With Garlic

Kathirikai Poondu Pirattal Recipe is an aromatic brinjal stir fry dish with the dominant flavour of garlic . The homemade roasted sambar powder renders a beautiful flavor to the regular brinjal. This recipe is a specialty of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. Did you know:  Asafoetida has lot of medicinal value. According to Ayurvedic medicine, it is used for breathing problems including chronic bronchitis and asthma. It is also used for digestion problems including intestinal gas, upset ...

Moru Kachiyathu Recipe - Kerala Style Seasoned Buttermilk

Moru Kachiyathu Recipe is a simple and delicious Kerala style seasoned buttermilk which is prepared every day in a Malayalee household. Moru means buttermilk in Malayalam, and no south indian meal is complete without the last course of rice had with curd or buttermilk. Buttermilk is also considered to be a good digestive. The simple seasoning using coconut oil and few basic ingredients makes the dish quite aromatic.  Serve the Moru Kachiyathu Recipe (Kerala Style Seasoned Buttermilk) along ...

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Smoked Dhaba Dal Recipe

The Smoked Dhaba Dal Recipe is a classic recipe of lentils that are spiced together and given a smoked flavor. I absolutely love dal at the dhabas on the highways up north of India. The Dhaba dal when smoked from the burning coal, brings out delicious flavors and works magic on my palette. Through this recipe, I've tried to achieve similar flavor. Hope you all like it. Dals (Lentils) are a staple part of the Indian diet. From fritters to soups to desserts, I use lentils every single day! Serve Smoked ...

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स्मोक्ड ढाबा दाल रेसिपी - Smoked Dhaba Dal Recipe

स्मोक्ड ढाबा दाल रेसिपी एक क्लासिक रेसिपी है जिसमे बहुत सारी डालो का प्रयोग किया जाता है. इसमें डाल को स्मोक करने के लिए कोयले का प्रयोग किया जाता है जिससे इस दाल का स्वाद और भी बढ़ जाता है. यह दाल ...

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Chana Methi Dal Recipe - Fenugreek & Split Bengal Gram Curry

Chana Methi Dal is a delicious lentil curry made with split Bengal Gram lentil and fresh fenugreek leaves. This recipe is a healthy menu choice for the intake of everyday protein and is also packed with vitamins and minerals. Chana Methi Dal is a fantastic way to sneak in greens in your kids diet as well. Serve Chana Methi Dal along with Phulka and Raita for a wholesome weekday lunch. Did you know: Fenugreek is a good source of protein, minerals, and vitamins. Fenugreek fresh leaves and stems are ...

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चना मेथी दाल रेसिपी - Chana Methi Dal Recipe

चना मेथी दाल एक स्वादिष्ट दाल है जिसमे चने की दाल को मेथी के साथ पकाया जाता है. यह बहुत ही सेहतमंद रेसिपी है क्यूंकि इसमें प्रोटीन के साथ साथ आयरन भी होता है. आप इस दाल को अपने रोज के खाने के लिए बनाए ...

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Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu Recipe - Mango Mor Kuzhambu

Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu (translated to mango in curd based gravy) is a traditional Palakkad recipe. It's a seasonal recipe and can be made and savoured during mango season. The Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu is a beautiful mix of sweetness (from the mangoes) and spice from the chilli and ginger that are added to the kuzhambu. The Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu can be made in a jiffy with all available ingredients in the pantry. I hope u all enjoy making it and relishing it just like how ...

Cabbage Poricha Kootu Recipe - South Indian Cabbage Dal

The Cabbage Poricha Kootu Recipe is a wholesome and delicious recipe where the moong dal is cooked and mixed along with steamed cabbage and a fresh coconut masala, finished off with a crunchy tadka.  The addition of cumin seeds and black peppercorns ground along with freshly grated coconut adds to the taste of the dish. Serve the Cabbage Poricha Kootu Recipe along with Phulkas/Steamed Rice, Beetroot Thoran and Carrot Cucumber Tomato Salad for a delicious and simple weeknight ...

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Konkani Style Mooga Ghushi Recipe-Sprouted Whole Green Gram In Tangy Coconut Gravy

‘Mooga Ghushi’ is a sprouted green gram-coconut based tangy gravy, another traditional delicacy of the Konkani community of Mangalore in the southern part of India. ‘Moogu’ in Konkani is green gram and ‘Ghushi’ is a standard coconut masala of this Konkani cuisine; a blend of coconut, tamarind and roasted red chillies with a seasoning of mustard seeds and curry leaves or crushed garlic. Serve Mooga Ghushi with hot steamed rice or phulkas with a Carrot and Beans Thoran (Subzi ...

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Palak Pappu Recipe - Andhra Style Palakura Pappu - Dal Palak

Palak pappu also known as Palakura Pappu is a nutrition dense and protein rich dal palak recipe is very famous down south of india. The Palak Pappu is an ultimate comfort food when served along with a bowl of hot Rice and unapologetic amounts of ghee. If you are one of those people who makes trips to an Andhra restaurant to tuck into this pappu and rice, now you can make this at home whenever you please with this restaurant style pappu recipe. It can be served for lunch or dinner and makes ...

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Kerala Chicken Curry Recipe With Freshly Ground Spices

Kerala Chicken Curry Recipe With Freshly Ground Spices is a robust chicken curry packed with flavours, leaving you licking your fingers.  Dry masala mix of pepper, coriander seeds, cinnamon, fennel and dry red chilly gives Kerala Chicken Curry With Freshly Ground Spices, its beautiful flavor and aroma. This is a perfect recipe when affected with cough and cold too! When you feel like eating aromatic non-vegetarian food on a rainy or cloudy day, this chicken side dish is a win-win recipe. Serve ...

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Rajasthani Pyaaz Ki Kadhi Recipe - Onion Kadhi Recipe

Rajasthani Pyaaz Ki Kadhi Recipe is a simple to make warm and comforting dish. It makes use of very few ingredients, making it an idle dish to prepare when you run out of ingredients in your kitchen pantry. The double tadka in the recipe adds a delicious flavour to the kadhi. It is easy to make and is perfect for your weekday meals. Serve the Rajasthani Pyaz Ki Kadhi Recipe along with Bajri Ki Roti with a dollop of ghee. You can also serve Masala Khichia on the side. This Kadhi tastes great with ...

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राजस्थानी प्याज की कढ़ी रेसिपी - Rajasthani Pyaaz Ki Kadhi Recipe

राजस्थानी प्याज की कढ़ी रेसिपी एक सरल रेसिपी है जिसे आप सर्दियों के रात के खाने के लिए बना सकते है. इसमें बहुत कम सामग्री की आवश्यकता होती है और बहुत कम समय में बन भी जाती है. इसमें दो बार तड़का दिया ...

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Green Beans Poriyal Recipe With Peanuts & Sesame Recipe

Green Beans Poriyal With Peanuts & Sesame Recipe is a simple stir fry recipe with stir fried green beans/ haricot beans cooked with a spice mix of sesame seeds and peanuts. Green Beans provide a wealth of nutrients in addition to being a versatile and delicious element in many culinary preparations. This Beans Poriyal Recipe is low in Sodium, and very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol so this vegetable is great for weight loss.  Did you know: Green beans are one of the few non-starchy ...

Aluchi Bhaji Recipe - Maharashtrian Style Colocasia Leaves Curry

Aluchi Bhaji is a Maharashtrian curry made using nutritious Colocasia (Aloo,Arbi) leaves. This lip smacking, sweet-sour, no onion-garlic curry is a part of many festive fares across the state. The curry is pretty simple to make, the only precaution you need to take is while buying the leaves. The leaves may sometimes cause itching to the hands or throat. As far as possible buy the leaves from a known/reputed seller or you can easily grow your own leaves. Serve Aluchi Bhaji along with Phulka, Matki ...

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आलुची भाजी रेसिपी - Aluchi Bhaji Recipe

आलुची भाजी रेसिपी एक महाराष्ट्रियन करी है जिसमे अरबी के पत्तो का इस्तेमाल किया जाता है. इसमें प्याज और लहसुन का प्रयोग नहीं किया जाता, इसलिए आप इसे अपने त्यौहार के खाने के लिए भी बना सकते है. आप ...

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Masala Vada Curry Recipe - Chana Dal Vada Curry Recipe

Masala Vada Curry Recipe also known as the Chana Dal Vada curry is a delicious South Indian curry made from masala vada cooked in a tomato onion gravy. Masala Vada Curry Recipe is a delicious and one of the best side dish for Idli/Dosa/Chapati. This curry is mostly made in north eastern parts of Tamil Nadu. It is packed with proteins and the goodness of Indian spices. Traditionally, this dish is made with deep-fried masala vadas. But, this one is made out of steamed vadas which is much simpler ...

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Soya Keema Matar Masala Recipe

Soya Keema masala is a delicious vegetarian keema that can be prepared quickly and easily. In this recipe, you just need to soak soya granules in water, pulse it in the mixer and then cook it in masala along with the peas. Make the usual Indian masala with onions, ginger garlic paste, the spice powders, soya granules, and peas, mix. That’s it. It’s ready to be served. This makes a delicious one dish recipe for hot summer days. Serve Soya Keema Matar Masala with Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha, Palak ...

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Gorikayi Palya Recipe - Karnataka Style Gawar Phali Sabzi

Gorikayi Palya is a dry sabzi recipe prepared with cluster beans or gawar phali. This is an easy recipe with scraped fresh coconut and spices. This makes a great recipe for lunch box as well. Make this Gorikayi Palya for lunch or dinner and serve along with Thandu Keerai Sambar, Steamed Rice and Elai Vadam. If you like this recipe, explore more of our Cluster Bean Recipes such as: Crispy Gawar Phali Sabzi Recipe Gavar Pumpkin Sabji Recipe Gavar Ki Sabji Recipe (Cluster Beans Curry)

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Paneer Pyaz Paratha Recipe

Paneer Pyaz Paratha Recipe is a favourite of every North Indian household.  A whole wheat paratha stuffed with protein packed paneer and onions, with freshness from the green chillies and coriander leaves, these parathas are roasted with ghee that adds, such great taste.  Serve it as breakfast or dinner, or even pack it in lunch boxes.  Serve Paneer Pyaz Paratha Recipe along with Aam Ka Achaar Recipe, and Tomato Onion Tadka Raita Recipe for a quick weekday breakfast.  If ...

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Malvani Anda Curry Recipe - Egg Curry With Spicy Malvani Masala

Malvani Anda Curry Recipe is an Egg curry flavoured with added Spicy Malvani Masala. Malvani cuisine is known for its spicy, tart non vegetarian delicacies. Malvani masala is almost a core ingredient that is used in most recipes from that region of Maharashtra. Malvani masala is characterised by dry roasted nutmeg, coconut and stone flower with malvani chillies. Boiled eggs are cooked in a gravy made with onions, tomato, ginger garlic paste and more. Serve Malvani Anda Curry Recipe (Egg Curry ...

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मालवानी अंडा करी रेसिपी - Malvani Anda Curry Recipe

मालवानी अंडा करी रेसिपी, बनाने में आसान और स्वाद से भरपूर, यह अंडा करी हर मालवणी घर में बनाई जाती है. इसमें मालवानी मसाले का प्रयोग किया जाता है जो इस करी को अलग बनाता है.  मालवानी अंडा करी रेसिपी को केरला परोटा और बूंदी रायता के साथ दिन के खाने के लिए परोसे।  अगर आपको यह रेसिपी पसंद है, तो आप यह भी बना सकते है  अंडा करी रेसिपी तमिल नाडु स्टाइल अंडा फ्राई रेसिपी  अंडा भुर्जी रेसिपी  

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Dhaba Style Egg Curry Recipe in Electric Pressure Cooker

The taste of Dhaba food is phenomenal and we usually find these dhabas on highways. They cook some amazing dishes in traditional style which enhances the flavour of the dish. Dhaba Style Egg Curry is one such recipe which is spicy, tasty and full of flavours. Dhaba Style Egg Curry is usually served on the road side dhabas in North Indian with Bajra Ki Roti or Makki Ki Roti. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Egg recipes such as Broccoli Egg Bhurji Recipe Egg Butter Masala Recipe Bengali ...

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ढाबा स्टाइल एग करी रेसिपी - Dhaba Style Egg Curry Recipe

ढाबे के खाने की कुछ अलग ही बात होती है. तीखा, मसालेदार और देसी घी में बना हुआ, यह खाना सबको पसंद आता है. इसलिए आज हम यहाँ ढाबा स्टाइल एग करी की रेसिपी लेकर आए है जिसे आप अपने घर पर भी बना सकते है. यह स्वादिष्ट ...

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