In Indian kitchens, there are a few handfuls of pre-prepared recipes that we tend to keep a stock of. Like pickles, podi, papad, chutneys, and pre-mix of spice powders, few recipes come in handy when you are in immediate need. More required when the meal plates that you prepare falls short of accompaniments and condiments, recipes like papad can also come in handy to create recipes.

North Indian cuisine, this cuisine includes many states and a large variety of food. North of India includes states like Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi and Rajasthan. Most of the Indian restaurants have north Indian recipes on their menu card and they are popular worldwide. Usually, these dishes are served with roti, naan or any other Indian bread and rice is served as a side dish. But there are many North Indian recipes which taste delicious with steamed rice. These dishes with steamed rice make a meal in itself. Just add some Indian salad along with these meals and your weekday dinner is sorted.

Odia is a cuisine that has influenced by Bihari Cuisine and has influenced a considerable portion of Bengali cuisine. This is since the bawarchi from Odiya cuisine were in high demand during 19th century, especially the demand for Brahmin cooks from the region made many cooks fake their castes to find jobs in Bengal and other neighbouring states.

With the busy schedules and everyday chaos, we are always in a dilemma on what to cook for our breakfast during the weekdays which is easy and healthy at the same time. Also, something which takes less time and also helps us to fulfil our nutrition for the day. One of such dish is Vermicelli Upma, which is made with sevai and a blend of vegetables. Vermicelli, also called as sevai is one healthy breakfast item which you can make for your busy mornings. Pair it up with different vegetables or flavour it with your favourite masala, and your delicious and healthy breakfast is ready.

Making everyday meals a delightful experience is a task at hand that is mastered only with time. Like research scholars, the homemakers need to do a bit of ground work and pick out flavourful ways to feed the everyday food to the whole family. Keeping in mind the dietary, culinary and food preferences, we should plan well that the family enjoys every meal and also provides a balance of nutrition for the day.

When it comes to food, India has various cuisines which differ in taste and ingredients used in the food. Every recipe has a different taste, as people from different regions have a different style of cooking and also the use of local spices. One of the states which have delicious food is Maharashtra.

Weekends are a break from routine in many ways. Not just that we get off from work, we get to do the activities of our interest and catch up with our friends and extended family whenever we can, during weekends. Also, we get to indulge in making foods that we like to savour at ease. When we are well-rested, our thinking gets more sharper in sorting out errands as well as amazing new recipes to try.

We all know that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; therefore we try to eat something healthy and filling every day. But we end up making something which is easy to make and is filling due to lack of time in the morning. There are many recipes which we want to make for our family, but due to busy schedules we skip it and make something which requires less time and effort. But there is always weekend for making those mouth-watering recipes for breakfast.

Ganesh Chaturthi is widely celebrated in Maharashtra and as the festival is arriving soon, the market will be filled with a famous sweet dish called Modak. Modak is a sweet dumpling recipe which is filled with some flavoured stuffing and it is said to be Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet. There is a short story behind the connection between Modaks and Lord Ganesha.

Eating in right proportion and making sure that we include every important nutrient in our meals is very necessary. Not only adults, we have to even see that our kids are eating properly and getting the required nutrients from their daily food. Most of us face problems in feeding our family green vegetables, especially the leafy vegetables which includes Spinach, Fenugreek Leaves, Amaranth Leaves etc. Some of us prefer eating these vegetables but some don like it due to their bitter taste.

Imagine looking at the luscious looking chicken barbequed to perfection sitting on a plate waiting for you to bite into. Smokey outer layer cooked just enough to emanate that slightly burnt taste with a tiny bit of coarse and jagged texture on the outside and tender meat within will leave you wanting for another piece. That every layer you can separate and put it in, to find the juices sinking into your taste buds and the fiery spices that it is smothered in. There are also recipes of grilled chicken with milder spices, to serve to the native preference as well, like Lemon Grilled Chicken Recipe.

We all wait for weekends because we want to catch up with our friends or want to sit peacefully with our family and spend some time. And when we don’t want to go out, we prefer doing house parties. And when it comes to house parties, the main attraction is always food. We always get confused on what to make as we have to make starters, main course and also desserts. There are many options available which you can make, but here we get you 6 delicious starter recipes for all the prawn lovers.

Protein is those essential nutrients which is very important for our body. We usually find it difficult to include protein in our daily diet, as we are always confused on what to make other than dals and legumes which is high in protein.

Life is a journey of delightful travel. We also tend to traverse through the busy and lazy moments of the day. Being busy at a continuous stretch can cause fatigue and being lethargic can cause boredom sooner than we expect. Best way is to strike a balance between them and keep ourselves fresh and lively come what may.

Idli is an undisputed once in a while indulgence for many Indians. Though most popular in South India as a breakfast dish, this is a very common inclusion in the menus of restaurants and fast food chains across country and Indian themed eateries in foreign countries.

When it comes to fish recipes, no one can beat Bengali curries. The taste, texture and smell of each and every curry is divine and inviting. The soft fish pieces dipped in different gravies are delicious and are perfect to serve for lunch and dinner. There are different types of fish like Hilsa, Bhetki, Rohu, Papda, Pomfret etc which they use in their everyday cooking. Every recipe has a different style of cooking and the taste of each and every recipes is absolutely delicious.

Every cuisine around the World is famous for its own specific recipes that are popular everywhere. A few of the recipes in each cuisines are almost considered as signature dishes and would have attained the cult status across globe.

Though watermelon is most sought during hot summers and near summers, watermelon is a fruit that is available almost all round the year. Watermelon is a wonderfruit that keeps us surprised at the amount of juiciness and water content that it has, for a fruit that grows from a creeper even in semi arid agricultural lands. Owing to its wide adaptability for the growing conditions, this is a fruit loved by many horticulturists across India and many parts of the world.

Breads are a comfort food in many cuisines across the world. Bread usually consists of a leavened flour that is baked in an ambient temperature to get the desired texture. Art of baking is believed to have started with the breads. Modes of preparation of breads vary with the equipment. While most bread recipes use oven or a bread maker, but there are bread recipes that are also steamed, or roasted. The ingredients and proportion varies widely with breads. Some breads are airy and fluffy in texture, where some of them are denser in texture as well.

A cup of tea makes everything better! True, just a cup of bliss can make you fresh and leaves you energetic for the entire day. Whether its time to wake up in the morning or a headache due to work overload, answer to everything is ‘tea’. In Indian households, it is seen that every morning starts with a cup of tea and this tradition is going on from years. The first thing we do in morning is to go in the kitchen and light the stove to make tea.

All of us who have stayed alone in cities, away from our close friends and family members – have survived on outside food for months. The whole idea of messy dishes to just make a dinner for one, is simply not appealing. Every spoon, pot, pan, a knife used to make the said dinner would eventually lie at our mercy – piling up at one corner. And as we laid cooped up inside our beds, (in sickness and wellness) watching Netflix and chilling, we craved for something nice, warm and low-maintenance. To our rescue came one dish meals. 

Simple, nutritive, and convenient, these meals were perfect as dinner warming us up and filling our bellies. Oh, and did we mention that all of this came together in one pot?

Cooking something different every day becomes a task and especially when you are following a special diet. There are so many basic ingredients which you cannot include in your food because you are allergic to them. One of such diets is Vegan. Many people are now a days following a vegan diet, which means they don't eat foods that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs.

Aromatic spices are quintessential to Indian cuisine. These spices are what imparts the cuisine an overwhelming and lingering essence that gives it a very distinctive identity. The delicate flavors, smell, taste, and color of the spices in these Indian dishes is what has attracted people since eternity.

Spices can be defined as “strongly flavored” or “aromatic substances” that is commonly used as a condiment to flavor dishes. Western cuisine, like the Mexican or the Italian cuisine, also use spices in their dishes. However, most of these cuisines use spices in their basic way – which means that it is usually one spice that stands out or gives the dish its unique taste even if it is being used with another herb or other spices. Indian cooking, on the other hand, uses multiple types of spices (sometimes up to 40) in varying combinations to come up with a variety of taste, each different from the other. 

When it comes to rich, decadent pieces of heaven called chocolates, there are fewer dessert lovers who can resist. Initially praised for its aphrodisiac qualities of the cocoa in it, now chocolate has evolved in innumerable shapes, sizes; as well as sneaked into many recipes as well. Chocolate emerged in Aztec civilization as a royal drink and now is served in as many different forms as possible. The possibilities of chocolate moulding into various forms has taken the world of dessert by a storm.