5 Luscious Watermelon Drinks You Should Try

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Though watermelon is most sought during hot summers and near summers, watermelon is a fruit that is available almost all round the year. Watermelon is a wonderfruit that keeps us surprised at the amount of juiciness and water content that it has, for a fruit that grows from a creeper even in semi arid agricultural lands. Owing to its wide adaptability for the growing conditions, this is a fruit loved by many horticulturists across India and many parts of the world.

With its bright green or white and green patterns on the outside, and bright red pulp, we tend to fall in love with the fruit before even trying a juicy piece. Many of us know less about the innate goodness that it has, when it comes to its nutrition. Here are a few of the considerable reasons for you to indulge in one as often as possible!

Health Benefits of Watermelon

  1. Being a water-rich fruit, watermelon instantly hydrates the body and hence is the favourite summer fruit. Whenever you feel low on energy during the day, you can have a slice or two, to rejuvenate yourself, with a whopping 92% water. 
  2. Though majorly containing water, this melon is rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is great for vision. In addition, watermelon also has lycopene and carotenoids which later gets converted to Vitamin A in our body.
  3. It also has Vitamin C which is a super antioxidant that renews our body cells and saves them from disintegration. This also helps keep our skin and hair rejuvenated, supple and lively.
  4. This also has a higher Vitamin B1, B5 and B6, benefitting you heart, memory, skin, digestion and more.
  5. Having a considerable amount of Potassium and Magnesium, they help in regulating the body salts.
  6. Presence of lycopene also helps curb the chances of being prone to cancer, as researches suggest.
  7. watermelon juice may help relieve muscle soreness, due to the phytocompounds present in them.

Watermelon can be included in a lot of salads that usually come with arugula, cheese, or other fruits. You can also prepare various juices combined with different fruits, veggies or other ingredients. Whatever you add it in, it imparts a luscious red tint to the drink and a sweet taste. This virtue has enabled it as a good ingredient to be included with veggies in beverages as well. Add color to your cocktail Parties with drinks based on watermelon. They are crowd pleasers, make the most of them!