5 Delicious Pasta Sauce Recipes You Can Make At Home And Its Recipes

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Weekends are a break from routine in many ways. Not just that we get off from work, we get to do the activities of our interest and catch up with our friends and extended family whenever we can, during weekends. Also, we get to indulge in making foods that we like to savour at ease. When we are well-rested, our thinking gets more sharper in sorting out errands as well as amazing new recipes to try.

Making homemade sauces and pesto is a way to keep you entertained during weekend and break the monotony of making and serving the dishes from similar cuisines. A lot of these sauces are apt for creating Italian or Mexican inspired dishes like pasta, tacos or burritos. using these sauces to create various recipes will ensure that you savour the weekends with something special and something a bit exotic and out of the box. You need not resort to buying new sauces every week to organise a night weekend dinner. All you have to do is prep the ingredients and blend to perfection, with the below given list.

Figure out what you want to prepare this weekend and make the much needed sauce at the comfort of your home, and with all your heart. Apart from these, there are also other sauces like Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce RecipeBavarian Mushroom Sauce RecipeGreen Olive Pesto (Pasta Sauce)Spirulina and Mint Basil Pesto RecipeClassic Alfredo Pasta Sauce Recipe and more that you can explore.

1.Béchamel Sauce Recipe (Classic White Sauce for Pastas and Gratins)

bechamel sauce

Bechamel sauce also known as a while sauce, is a popular sauce that is used in many dishes like gratins, moussaka, cheesy pastas, baked pasta, and even can be used to prepare bruschetta. You can modify this recipe by adding herbs of your choice and even changing the base flour used, to make this healthier. Try to load in freshest of veggies or tender meat in the pasta since to flavour up recipes made with bechamel sauce.

2.Roasted Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe

roasted tomato pasta sauce

Roasted tomato pasta sauce requires very little effort, and roasting the tomatoes brings out a layer of richness in taste that fresh tomatoes simply do not possess. This a handy sauce to prepare pastas, burgers and other patties, and even helps in preparing asian foods like noodles as well. You can prepare quesadillas or smear on bruschetta too.


3. Classic Alfredo Pasta Sauce Recipe

alfredo sauce recipe

This alfredo sauce recipe is a basic recipe that is useful in making pastas. You can store it for a week in an airtight container under refrigeration that will make your weekends blissful, and you also have an option of tossing out a classic alfredo pasta on a weekday if this sauce is handy.

4.Creamy Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta Sauce Recipe

bell pepper pasta sauce

This is a flavourful sauce recipe and is exquisitely creamy and delectable to miss the taste. This sauce can be used in pastas, either baked lasagne or pan tossed pasta, with loads of veggies or with cheese

5.Spinach and Basil Pasta Sauce Recipe

spinach and basil pesto

Spinach and Basil Pasta Sauce Recipe is a tasty twist to the normal pasta sauce which we usually make it white or tomato based sauce. This sauce itself is so flavourful that you can just toss in boiled pasta and have it alongside a bruschetta or grilled vegetable salad or baked meat.