5 Ways To Unwind Yourselves With A Favourite Drink

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Life is a journey of delightful travel. We also tend to traverse through the busy and lazy moments of the day. Being busy at a continuous stretch can cause fatigue and being lethargic can cause boredom sooner than we expect. Best way is to strike a balance between them and keep ourselves fresh and lively come what may.

There are various ways to cheer up through the day. We can pamper ourselves with our favourite food; go to a new place that freshens us up, read a book, watch a movie or more. One of the most favourite and plausible way is to enjoy our favourite beverage or drink. With every sip we indulge in, our senses open up and the whole process of making the beverage, and sipping casually till the last drop is something that we heartily enjoy doing.

There are various types of beverage that one can love to have. From fruit juices to hot beverages and smoothies to cocktails, there are a plethora of choices that we can explore in. You just need 10-15 minutes at a max to prepare most of these beverages and can be prepared with handy ingredients in kitchen. Be it the start of the day or the time when you have just reached home, pick a recipe and pamper your senses to a delightful tour of subtle taste of beverages.


The creamy and smooth textured smoothie often involving fresh or dried fruits, nuts, camouflaged veggies and green leafy veggies are a treat to behold the taste every time we take in a sip. Best time to have a smoothie is for morning, with your traditional breakfast. Fruit smoothies give you a nutritional boost that will last through the day. The unprocessed phytonutrients in the smoothies are good for health and can also be had with an evening snack of sandwich, burger or likely as well.

Mason jars are best suited to serve these drinks in, which offers a firm grip while having them.

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Juices are an anytime drink that can be prepared usually faster than smoothies, since juices involve only the blending of your favourite fruits and veggies and straining them. You can refrain from straining the juice to reap its maximum nutrients and not to miss on the fiber they provide. Juices are more refreshing than filling; hence they can either be had with a good filling breakfast or as a snack between the meals to keep you from unhealthy snacking. Try to avoid sweeteners in juice by adding a sweet fruit into your juice. This is as simple as it can be!

Serving Suggestion: Juices are best served in tall and clear glasses. When you are serving for kids, it is best to choose melamine glasses to avoid accidental damage due to slip of hand. Also, addition of ice cubes are completely optional and left to your choice, in any juice.

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3.Indian drinks

Indian cuisine has so much to share to the world and drinks are one of them. There are recipes that are made from milk, buttermilk, yogurt, or just water with simple ingredients like lemon, jeera, jaggery and more. Traditionally, most of these drinks are served as thirst quenchers when there are guests at home. Also, there are some recipes that are served during festivals and similar special occasions. You can have them as a snack after your work and most of them are filling, as well. Make a mindful pairing with light snacks when you are hungry.

Serving Suggestion: Indian drinks are best served in copper glasses, since it brings in the authenticity of the drink that you will enjoy.

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4.Hot beverages

No matter how we like the juices and smoothies, there is a yearning to sip a hot steaming drink like coffee, tea or a hot chocolate. These have been universal favourite, may be because of the fact that these can be made with just a microwave at office spaces, also. With the instant mood lift they boost, these are the most popular anytime “I just need my favourite beverage right now” drinks that you can have a look at. You can serve them in the evening along with snacks or light food, or even serve with the breakfast of the day.

Serving Suggestion: Hot beverages are best served in bone china or ceramic glasses. Beverages like filter coffee is best served in authentic and most common stainless steel cups. 

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5.Mocktails & Cocktails

Especially during weekends or after a stressful day at work, a drink that will get us slightly tipsy and offers all the taste it has to, is always welcome. There are various mojitos, cocktails and non-alcoholic mock tails that you can vouch on, at these times. These are often served as party drinks, and are lovely to be enjoyed with a group of people that are close to your heart (Close to your heart in conversation, and crime!). You can serve these drinks along with party appetizers and main course meal. Or you can choose to sip alone at home, reading a book or watching your favourite movie to unwind yourself!

Serving Suggestion: You can serve cocktails, and mocktails in martini or conical shaped glasses with a tail for the grip that allows us to sip the drink at eased intervals. You can serve shots in shot glasses instead of martini glasses.

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