Paste, Purees & Spice Powders: 3 Ways You Can Make Your Fussy Mornings Easier

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Making everyday meals a delightful experience is a task at hand that is mastered only with time. Like research scholars, the homemakers need to do a bit of ground work and pick out flavourful ways to feed the everyday food to the whole family. Keeping in mind the dietary, culinary and food preferences, we should plan well that the family enjoys every meal and also provides a balance of nutrition for the day.

Weekdays can be daunting since we need to multitask stretching our limits between work, house, and family while preparing food. Simple tasks of making basic purees, pastes, spice powders and other culinary errands will help you throughout the week.

You can store these in clean and dried containers for the week. Based on the shelf life of these simple and basic recipes, you can either keep them under refrigeration or otherwise. You also need to take care that every time you should use a clean and dry spoon to take out the contents, to avoid any contamination. Take out about an hour during weekend to be well-equipped for the coming week. You can enable yourself to do recipes and the whole meal with ease if you make storing for weekdays, a routine. You can decide the quantity of these simple recipes you use, based on the size of the family and frequency of use in recipes.

Here are a few how to recipes that you can make ahead of time and store for the week to come.

1. Pastes and Purees

Ginger garlic paste is a must for people who love North Indian food. This is also used in quite a few South Indian recipes as well. Tomato puree is another quintessential element in Indian foods, side dishes and curries. Imagine forgetting the hassle of cooking tomatoes every day and blending them in small batches before adding to the recipe. Won’t life without doing this routine almost every day look like bliss? Tamarind paste is used in tangy side dishes, and many South Indian main course recipes like sambar, huli, kodel, rice recipes like puliyogare et al needs tamarind paste. Prepare and store it these pastes in advance. You can store these by pouring them into airtight container. In addition, you can also prepare Red chilli garlic sauce, Egg Free Mayonnaise Recipe, Vanilla Fruit Sauce and pizza sauce depending on the cooking preferences.

2. Spice Powders

There are regular spice powders like cumin powder, coriander powder, Roasted Bengal gram powder, roasted ground nut powder that come handy in preparing many Indian recipes. Apart from these, the proper spice blends that will help you in everyday cooking of Indian foods are Garam Masala Powder, Panch Phoran Masala, Sambar Powder Recipe and Curry Powder recipe. Mixes like Indian Tea Masala Powder will be useful every day for tea lovers that can stay good up to a month. Also chutney podi like Peanut Garlic Chutney Powder Recipe will be useful in making your meal plate complete while playing the role of an accompaniment with the main meal.

3. Other Basic Food Errands to prepare for the week

People who love homemade makhan and ghee can never go back to buying mostly bland ready to consume ghee and butter. If you are one of them, then use the weekend to stock up makhan and ghee for the week to come, such that you get fresh makhan and ghee from the collected cream every week. You can also plan for paneer recipes for first few days of the week and prepare paneer freshly at home. You can also prepare peanut butter and almond butter to make your breakfast easy. This nut butter is based on your family’s breakfast and snacking preference and you can prepare this as per requirement. What if you could just mix some water into flour and prepare dosa for an unprecedented hunger pang or an unexpected guest during weekdays? Have the Instant dosa mix powder ready so that you can mint crispy ghee roast dosas from the batter you can make out of it.

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