Asian Style Stir Fried Recipes You Can Serve As Side Dish With Your Meals

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Every cuisine around the World is famous for its own specific recipes that are popular everywhere. A few of the recipes in each cuisines are almost considered as signature dishes and would have attained the cult status across globe.

Asian cuisine is known for many of its variations that are brought in with varying amounts of spices and cooking methods. Steaming and stir fries are one among the popular methods of cooking that is widely practiced in Asian cooking. Stir fried recipes among the others have a special place in the kitchens, be it Thai, Chinese, Indian, or Malaysian and other Asian countries.

Rice being the largest consumed staple, these stir fried recipes are paired with rice often. But besides rice, noodles, flatbreads and fried breads are popular as well. The rice or other main dish can either be subtly spiced or may have chillies and other flavourful spices to their zenith; this is what amazes us. Asian cuisine is so wide but an Asian meal is considered almost incomplete without stir fried or sautéed recipes.

Veggies, bamboo shoots, tofu, paneer, green leafy vegetables or meat are stir fried to prepare amazingly tasting but simple recipes to make for a meal. Now with the evolution of cooking and availability of exotic spices and commodities worldwide, the traditional cuisines are also blending the cuisines with ingredients that are imported and not native to Asia. This development, as we already might have experienced, mostly gives a delightful twist to the existing recipes; this also shows that the blend of ingredients have no geographical bounds to explore the medley of taste and flavours!

Here are a few Asian style stir fries that we’re sure will keep you intrigued and you will love them as a side dish to your meal. When you plan for an Asian style menu next time for your house party, or when you have a slot of dry recipe on your fusion meal plate, here are a handful of recipes to flare up your imagination to make your plate look more colourful and rich with nutrients also!